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29 Mongolian athletes to attend the Olympics


G.Oyungerel /swimming/, by invitation She is an athlete of Khangarid Sport Guild. G.Oyungerel is taking part in women’s 100 meters backstroke. P.Serdamba /Men’s Light Flyweight (49 kg), boxing/ The first Mongolian boxer to become victorious two times in World Championships, Labor Hero of Mongolia and State Honored Athlete. He is a gold medalist of Beijing [...]

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Archers head to London


Their first round will start on July 27 at 4 pm, Mongolian time zone.

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2012 Action Plan of All Political Parties: Other Field Policies

5. Take measures against violence and unethical actions of officials and public servants. 6. Establish human rights legislation and social guarantees. 7. Introduce new principles to protect children’s rights, place in the family, education, and cooperate with children’s rights protection organizations and national traditions. 8. Create working conditions for people with disabilities and provide them [...]

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Ceremony to farewell Olympic athletes held


-How many athletes does the National Team consist of this year? How many Olympic places has Mongolia gained so far? -Our country is attending seven games in the London Olympics.Twenty-nine athletes have received their official invitations so far. Also, six athletes are participating in the Paralympics. We still have the chance to get more invitations [...]

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Naadam Deviated


These ways of conduct only exist in a monarchy and must not be found in countries with public or representative governance. On my defacto interview, Mr. Jack Weatherford, who wrote the most popular book about the Great Khaan, said that today’s Mongolian statesmen must not forget that Chinggis Khaan was born in a ger and [...]

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Gimme some space in UB!


People often ask me here: “Are you a tourist or are you working here?” I’ll scramble out a white lie in reply. I doubt anybody would like it if I explain how, “I’m neither, and I’m too lazy and urbanized to commit myself to either.” Spoken like a true, hopeless New Yorker. Whatever it is, [...]

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Greatest Mysteries of the World


4. The Phaistos Disk Like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, the Phaistos disk is a hardened clay disk with undecipherable hieroglyphs. It was discovered by Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in 1908 in the Minoan palace-site of Phaistos. It is believed that it was made sometime in the second millennium BC. 5. Shepherd’s Monument [...]

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Mongolia: Strength in securities


In late April, local officials confirmed to local media that a new securities law, developed two years ago with assistance from the IMF and the World Bank, would be presented to the Great Khural (parliament) in May, adding that the new legislation was “essential” for the flurry of high-profile initial public offerings (IPOs), such as [...]

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“Genius, Personality, and the Development of a Country”


These hard times did not stop young Franklin. He read and read. He loved books. He taught himself to be an excellent writer. He had a hunger for knowledge as a young man that was to serve him well in his older years. He fled form his brother’s somewhat brutal and exploitive grasp and found [...]

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Traditional music instruments


The instrument is frequently used in accompaniment, occasionally also as a solo instrument. In former times it was made of bamboo or wood, nowadays mostly of plastic, particularly those imported from China. These flutes (transverse flutes) are closely bound up with the nomads of Central Asia. The length of this instrument is approx. 64 cm, [...]

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