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Rhythm Party to unify tradition and trend


Trans. by M.DELGERNASAN Rhythm Party, combining Mongolian traditional music with modern, fast paced music will be held on August 2, at iloft Function House. Artists of the National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble and artists from Mongol Costumes Center will present electro tsam dance and spider dance. In addition, Shanz Gurav traditional band will deliver [...]

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International throat singing festival takes place in Khovd Province


Trans. by D.SERGELEN An international throat singing competition was held on July 23, in Chandmani soum of Khovd Province, the birthplace of throat singing. Locals of the region initiated the idea to host the competition in Khovd Province. In addition to Mongolian artists, throat singers from the USA, Russian Federation, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and Inner [...]

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Khovd Province honors intangible cultural heritage

Ikh Aksal dance is noted in history as the first dance that praised men, and is honored as the king of all Mongolian traditional dances. A monument dedicated to Ikh Aksal is being erected in Bulgan soum of Khovd Province. A resident of Khovd Province, B.Unenbat, first conceived the idea for the monument and decided [...]

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First Mongolian belly dance contest announced

A belly dance contest will be organized for the first time in Mongolia. The registration of the competition will continue from August 1 to September 1. Belly dancing originated in the Middle East and is developing rapidly in Asia. A world belly dance championship is held every year. Belly dancing has gained a lot of [...]

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Mohanik plays at Russian live music festival

Mohanik, a Mongolian band, will take part in V-Rox international music festival from August 29 to 31, in Vladivostok, Russia. Participants of the festival first submit a video of their performance to qualify for entry. Skindred (United Kingdom), Queen Sea Big Shark (China), Galaxy Express (South Korea), Buffalo Daughter (Japan), and other famous rock bands [...]

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Mongolian and Swiss artists to collaborate

80. entertainment Huur, Harhiraa Yodol

Trans. by B.Yesui Within the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Switzerland, a concert will be held to learn more about the two countries. Mongolian traditional band Arga Bileg performed a concert last winter in cooperation with jazz artists from Switzerland in Ulaanbaatar. Now, the band Domog will present a concert with Jodelchorli [...]

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Prague Zoo builds Mongolian ger for Wild Horse Day


The Prague Zoo of the Czech Republic organized a Wild Horse Day on July 20. During the event, a Mongolian ger was set up near the Przewalski horse fence. Mongolian singers that live in the Czech Republic performed a concert, an archery contest was held, and an exhibition showing Mongolian life, culture and tradition was [...]

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Khurd sets off on nationwide tour

Just before Naadam, a member of the band Khurd was named an Honored Artist of Mongolia. On Friday, the rock band started a tour around Mongolia, beginning with a concert in Zavkhan Province. The “Best of Khurd” concert recently took place in Ulaanbaatar, where they played their hit songs including “Tsergiin Bodol” (The Military Thought), [...]

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Bestselling books to be announced by AFCCR

Every week, since 2012, the Agency for Fair Competition and Consumer Rights (AFCCR) has been announcing the top ticket selling Mongolian movies screening at Tengis and Urgoo cinemas. Now, AFCCR officials will begin announcing the best selling books in Ulaanbaatar, starting this month. There has been no consolidated list, although every bookstore has listed their [...]

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Khusugtun wins the Grand Prix title at MIR Sibiri-2014

Mongolian folk band Khusugtun was awarded the Grand Prix title at the international festival of music and crafts, MIR Sibiri-2014, which took place from July 11 to 14, in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The festival showcased artists from ten different countries and Khuumiich (throat singer) O.Chuluunbaatar of Khusugtun won a gold medal in the vocal category, morinkhuur [...]

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