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The value of human life in Nalaikh


By Allyson Seaborn @allysonseaborn This article was originally published by The Mongolian Observer Magazine. Exposure to fear and hardship increases your resilience, but it doesn’t increase your chances of survival when the walls of a mine shaft are crumbling around you. Resilience means nothing when you cannot breathe and are slowly suffocating dozens of meters below [...]

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‘If we lose our livestock, we will lose everything’

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By HELEN WRIGHT When my sister and I were little, our mum would point out animals in the fields when we were driving on long car journeys. “Look, sheep… Horses… Goats,” she’d say, trying everything and anything to stop the pair of us fighting in the back seat. Now 20 years later, I find myself [...]

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Top schools in Ulaanbaatar

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Trans. by B.DULGUUN News.mn has released a ranking of the top general education schools in Ulaanbaatar based on results from General Admissions Exams. Countless private schools have been established all around the capital. Many parents are paying good money to have their children attend these schools even though the government offers free education through public [...]

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NGOs say child jockeys shouldn’t race in commercial winter horse races

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By Helen Wright The UB Post reported that a group of children’s rights NGOs and associations had joined forces to try and stop child riders taking part in spring and winter horse races, raising their concerns at a press conference.  They say that due to the very cold weather conditions it is not safe for child [...]

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Women’s Achievements 2015-2016

By M.OYUNGEREL The people of Mongolia have demonstrated excellence in all types of endeavors in the year 2015. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, The UB Post would like to highlight and commend the achievements of Mongolian women in the year 2015. The UB Post presents the leading women of Mongolia in the following [...]

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The state of women’s rights in Mongolia

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By Helen Wright As the annual national celebration Women’s Day takes place tomorrow, the UB Post has looked at the state of women’s rights in Mongolia and spoken to some of the people who are trying to make the country a more equal place. Historically, pre-20th century, due to women’s key involvement in keeping livestock [...]

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Cold days and poor preventive care lead to more influenza

Patient under health examination at the Family Clinic

By B.Ichinkhorloo “No money left,” a father sadly told his child by phone, looking gloomy while he hurriedly descended the hospital’s stairs. After the Lunar New Year, we naturally expect milder weather, which is a big deal for many. Yet cold, windy winter weather has been reluctant to leave so soon. Severe flu outbreaks have reached [...]

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National History Museum researchers studying rare artifacts from Khovd


Trans. by B.Dulguun A team from the Research Center of the National History Museum of Mongolia set off to Myangad soum in Khovd Province on May 1, 2015, to study some artifacts discovered by a group of looters in April 2015. The looters found a number of artifacts from an ancient rock burial site of Urd [...]

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Kh.Naranjargal demands further investigation of journalist L.Bolormaa’s death

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Trans. by M.OYUNGEREL Founder and former editor-in-chief of the Mongolian Mining Journal L.Bolormaa was found dead at her apartment on November 21. The first unit of the Chingeltei District Police Department is currently investigating the case. The Mongolian Institute of Forensic Science (MIFS) reported that L.Bolormaa’s skull was fractured and caused a serious concussion, which [...]

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Mongolian farmers study rice cultivation to boost domestic production


Trans. by B.DULGUUN   Mongolian farmers and agricultural experts have made several attempts to cultivate white rice in Mongolia over the last 10 to 15 years. In partnership with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, they aspire to reduce rice imports and boost domestic production. Mongolia imported 29,500 tons of white rice for 14.8 million [...]

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