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Profitable businesses hidden from the state

mashin achlaga hartsaga

Trans. by B.DULGUUN A business earning nearly two million MNT a day is considered considerably profitable in Mongolia. Currently, private tow truck companies aiding the government to reduce traffic congestion are making this amount of profit. Until recently, Ulaanbaatar had only two vehicle pounds and only the Ulaanbaatar City Traffic Control Center owned a tow [...]

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‘Mongolian researchers are now capable of observing bacteria on a fly’s eye’


Trans. by B.DULGUUN The Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) was upgraded with a new laboratory and equipment, which is expected to boost the contribution and value of Mongolian researchers, in late January. This new laboratory is to become Mongolia’s core laboratory and was set up through education sector reform. Many researchers and experts [...]

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A talented woman

Artist L.Myangantsetseg is holding an award Altan Biir

Trans by B.NARANTUYA It is a great pleasure to introduce a lady who works in many different fields and has a broad scope of knowledge. L.Myangantsetseg is a painter, sculptor, broadcaster and a volunteer worker. This time, we conducted an interview in a different style. She spoke freely about her art and methods that she [...]

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Interesting facts about Tsagaan Sar


By B.DULGUUN Ul Boov (Pastry) Ul Boov or Kheviin boov are the long round pastries stack up to create the main dish of Tsagaan Sar. These round pastries are stack up in three or more layers, but the number of layers has to be in an odd number as each layer represents fortune and misery. [...]

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Modern Tsagaan Sar


By Ch.KHALIUN Since everything changes with time, Mongolians’ attitude towards Tsagaan Sar and the way it is celebrated has changed. In modern times, both elders and young people dress up in the Mongolian traditional garment, especially young families dress up in matching deels. The sight of people dressed in colorful and flamboyant deels increases the [...]

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Tsagaan Sar around the world


By B.NARANTUYA My grandmother is nearly 70 years old and like other seniors, she starts to prepare for Tsagaan Sar very early with excitement. When my grandmother was a young woman in socialist times when celebration of Tsagaan Sar was forbidden in relation to the ban on all religion and ethnic separation. My grandmother, A.Nansalmaa, [...]

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Tsagaan Sar journal

10440938_790640394357636_1361990313364660195_n (1)

By B.TUNGALAG This year’s Tsagaan Sar took place on February 19, rather later than usual. My family has four members, my grandmother, father, younger sister and me. On Bituun, or Tsagaan Sar’s Eve, my grandmother cooked the dishes and younger sister cleaned our house. By 7:00 p.m. my younger sister and I prepared the table [...]

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Cost of Tsagaan Sar


By B.KHASH-ERDENE Tsagaan Sar is arguably the most expensive event for Mongolian families. Households prepare extravagant gifts, dishes, and clothing (often at a cost they are not able to afford) in the hopes that the new lunar year will bring them abundance and wealth. Many families go to great lengths to impress visitors and drain [...]

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Traditions spanning two millennia


History of Tsagaan Sar By M.ZOLJARGAL Tsagaan Sar, Mongolia’s traditional new year celebration, has roots dating back 2,000 years, to the Xiongnu Empire (formed in 209 BC), whose residents are believed to be ancestors of modern Mongolians. Tsagaan Sar, which translates to White Month, is now a public holiday that is mostly celebrated as an [...]

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Tsagaan Sar traditions


By Ch.KHALIUN Since ancient times, Mongolians have celebrated Tsagaan sar (White Month or Lunar New Year) as a good omen for letting go of the negative experiences and feelings of the past. Mongolians use milk as a symbol of a mother’s pure love and offer milk to mother nature and the sky. Milk is white [...]

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