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Habits of successful university students

the evolution of a college student

By A.OYUNZUL University is officially starting, and that means endless hours of studying, dealing with your academic and social life, and trying your best to get a good grade point average (GPA). A lot of students think that their GPA doesn’t matter when it comes to finding a job. But many companies see GPA as [...]

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New hospital to address Mongolia’s cancer crisis


By C L Murphy According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Mongolians are investing more money in their health and consequently, living longer, healthier lives. According to WHO, the probability of an individual living in Mongolia dying under the age of five, as of 2012, is 28 out of 1,000 births. This is down from [...]

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M.Nyamjargal: Every game I play is a World Championship


Trans.by A.OYUNZUL  M.Nyamjargal is the first woman to become an international Grandmaster in Mongolia. She is the winner of the Asian Draughts Championship, a national champion and won the National Young Adults Championship six times. The grandmaster has been playing draughts for more than a decade and she is only 18 years old. We spoke [...]

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Twitter users outraged at blocked access to porn sites

A new wave of outrage hit Mongolia’s Twitter communities as the Communications Regulatory Commission blocked access to Mongolian pornographic websites last week. Mongolia’s Twitter users have expressed outrage at the recent conviction of Ts.Bat on defamation charges for speaking out against Roads and Transport Minister A.Gansukh on Twitter, using the hashtag “#FreeBat”, which was accompanied [...]

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Administration litigation wastes the public budget

Occasionally, we wonder if laws and regulations were approved to be violated. Especially when gentlemen working in state management positions violate laws so well and the cost of their violations are covered by the state budget. Just recently, a person who was discussing judicial reform emphasized that most judicial reviews of administrative affairs are suits [...]

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Are we more #disconnected than #connected?

On a Friday afternoon in October 2011, Sharon Seline exchanged texts with her daughter, who was in college. They “chatted” about how things were going, and her daughter replied with positive remarks followed by emoticons, smiles, and hearts. Later that night, her daughter tried to kill herself. In the following days, it became evident that [...]

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Sage advice for allergy season

With the change in seasons, people across the country suffer from plant allergies. We spoke with Dr. S.Yanjmaa, a dermatologist and allergy specialist with the National Dermatology Center about allergens and treating symptoms. Plant allergies get worse at this time of year.  Can you tell us why? Allergic diseases are called development diseases, because allergies [...]

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1000 miles across the west

Every summer, residents of Ulaanbaatar head for countryside, to pay homage to their fatherlands. Mongolians usually travel with their family and friends. I travelled with my friend’s family to the west from July 28th to August 5th. Just before the sunrise, our small team got into our car for a trip that we don’t know [...]

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Minister Ts.Oyungerel: Bat’s defamation charge is a threat to democracy and free expression

Minister of Culture Ts.Oyungerel has issued a scathing assessment of the recent libel case which saw her brother, Ts. Bat, imprisoned for some three months for criticizing Transport Minister A.Gansukh on Twitter. In an exclusive interview with the UB Post, the Culture Minister blasted Minister Gansukh for what she sees as a significant threat to [...]

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Residents forced to give up land for UB road project

The expansion of a 4.6 kilometer road from Revolutionists’ Street (Khuvisgalchidiin Gudamj) to the new terminus of Zuragt and the Bayankhoshuu intersection is currently delayed due to residents’ reluctance to vacate their lands. In May, Express Zam began the expansion of the previously seven meter wide road to a fourteen meter wide road with 2.5 [...]

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