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Manchester United-supporting Mongolian teenager scammed by agent is subject of charity appeal

An appeal has been launched to help reimburse a Mongolian footballer who was defrauded of nearly 4,000 GBP by a fake agent. Manchester United fan Ochiroo Batbold was approached on Facebook by a man claiming to have links with West Ham United and Los Angeles Galaxy. The fraudster claimed to have watched videos of him [...]

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Mongolian woman starts film studio in Hollywood

Trans. by B.DULGUUN 23-year-old Mongolian producer L.Nyamjargal opened a film studio in Hollywood earlier this year. Currently, there are some 8,000 to 9,000 film studios in Hollywood, and L.Nyamjargal is striving to compete by producing Mongolian films. The new film studio, Mongus Pictures, was co-founded with film and television producer Patrick G. Ingram. She explained [...]

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Parliament reviews 2015 budget amendments with political parties weighing in

By E.OYUNDARI A joint meeting of political parties in Parliament was held on Wednesday, where Members of Parliament held discussions on amendments to the 2015 budget and political parties introduced their requests and conclusions on the amendments. DP: We support the initiative to deduct the salaries of politicians by 30 percent Following discussions of amendments [...]

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Ulaanbaatar celebrates its 376th anniversary looking back at city development projects

By Ch.KHALIUN Ulaanbaatarians are celebrating the 376th anniversary of the city, looking specifically at recent projects carried out for the city’s development. Some citizens say they are satisfied that a new team for solutions led by Governor E.Bat-Uul has successfully conducted many development projects in past three years. Over the past three years, over 100 [...]

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Khublai Complex to be established for green tourism

Trans. by B.DULGUUN The Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics of the Mongolian Academy of Science (MAS) is set to develop a large science complex for green tourism, based at the Khurel Togoot Astronomical Observatory. The institute is planning to name the new complex after Khublai Khaan, and are aspiring to turn it into a discovery [...]

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D.Ganzorig: Trans fat causes serious damage to health

Trans. by B.DULGUUN Mongolia is quick to imitate foreign cultures and trends. An indication of this is the fact that the capital  city has started to bustle with fast food chains such as KFC and Pizza Hut in just a few years. Both young and old are more than happy to treat themselves to a [...]

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Mongolian woman teaches contortion in San Francisco

Trans. by M.OYUNGEREL The Mongolian art of contortion is a true marvel. With much patience, persistence, and practice from a young age, unnatural flexibility is achieved. Mongolians believe kids should be trained in contortion from a younger age because their bones are not fully mature, and therefore, they learn to bend with more ease. Proving [...]

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World Food Day Mongolia to focus on winter preparation and social protection of herders

By B.KHASH-ERDENE  World Food Day of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) will take place on October 16. The UB Post has interviewed Deputy FAO Representative in Mongolia Kevin D. Gallagher, PhD, and G.Nyamjargal, Assistant FAO Representative, in relation to World Food Day and agricultural issues in Mongolia. What is [...]

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Unemployment rate poised to increase with state structural changes

By E.OYUNDARI Finance Minister B.Bolor attended the weekly meeting Hour with the Minister and spoke about budget amendments, the 2016 state budget, and basic directions of the economy and society of Mongolia. Minister B.Bolor claimed that the draft of the 2016 budget that has been submitted for consideration by Parliament reflects the 2016 economic situation, [...]

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World Bank: Mongolia will see slower growth and lower public revenues this year

By E.OYUNDARI Several days ago, Asian Development Bank issued speculation that Mongolia’s economic growth would be reduced to 3 to 2.3 percent this year. Meanwhile, the East Asia Pacific Economic Update, released by World Bank on October 5, estimates that economic growth will be 4.4 percent to 3.3 percent by the end of the year. [...]

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