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There’s nothing to it: Yadaad baikh yu baisan yum


By Mishell Hernandez  “Through others, we become ourselves.” –Lev S. Vygotsky Unless I make a grammatical mistake or don’t catch a cultural reference, Mongolian people usually assume I’m full Mongolian, born and raised. But when they ask me where in Mongolia I’m from, which school I attended, or who my parents are, I go through [...]

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Nurturing change in the Mongolian food service industry


By MICHELLE BOROK On March 14 and 15, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Mongolia members gathered in Darkhan-Uul for JCI Mongolia’s 13th Presidential Academy, an annual conference intensely focused on leadership to develop the nation’s movers and shakers. One of those members was CEO of Syracusae, LLC, known best for the popular UB restaurants Rosewood Coffeehouse [...]

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B.Batbold: Tow truck companies will pay additional taxes

Achigch Muugi

Trans. by B.NARANTUYA To reduce traffic congestion, the capital city decided to tow vehicles that park in the first lanes of roads. Recently, related officials have started talking about making changes to the regulation. The following is an interview with the Director of the Traffic Management Department of Ulaanbaatar, Colonel B.Batbold, about these issues.  Taxing [...]

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P.Bayarmagnai: We shouldn’t compete – we should take initiative


Trans. by E.KHISHIGJARGAL Mongolians have started reading the “Secret History” every day on a daily basis, as readers can’t get enough of the recently released “Mongolian Secret History in 365 Days” episodic book, published by the Mongolian Secret History Foundation. Congratulations are due to the creators of this book, which has truly become the go [...]

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Mongolia’s first political hunger strike

First political hunger strike is happening at Sukhbaatar Square (Chinggis Square) March, 1990

Trans by B.NARANTUYA Mothers who protested at Chinggis Square on International Women’s Day, commonly known as March 8, cited revolutionaries who founded democracy in Mongolia in 1990 as their inspiration. Twenty-five years ago, in the windy days of March, the first hunger strike took place in Ulaanbaatar. The “Golden Swallows of Democracy” revolutionized the country [...]

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Government to intensify confiscation of ministry and agency vehicles

jeep hartsaga

Trans. by B.DULGUUN Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg said he will confiscate unused and unregulated government vehicles before the Tsagaan Sar holidays. However, the implementation works seem to be rather slow. In 2007, the government adopted Government Resolution No.349, which specified in its fourth section that large cars that were used for official purposes by ministries, government [...]

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Profitable businesses hidden from the state

mashin achlaga hartsaga

Trans. by B.DULGUUN A business earning nearly two million MNT a day is considered considerably profitable in Mongolia. Currently, private tow truck companies aiding the government to reduce traffic congestion are making this amount of profit. Until recently, Ulaanbaatar had only two vehicle pounds and only the Ulaanbaatar City Traffic Control Center owned a tow [...]

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‘Mongolian researchers are now capable of observing bacteria on a fly’s eye’


Trans. by B.DULGUUN The Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) was upgraded with a new laboratory and equipment, which is expected to boost the contribution and value of Mongolian researchers, in late January. This new laboratory is to become Mongolia’s core laboratory and was set up through education sector reform. Many researchers and experts [...]

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A talented woman

Artist L.Myangantsetseg is holding an award Altan Biir

Trans by B.NARANTUYA It is a great pleasure to introduce a lady who works in many different fields and has a broad scope of knowledge. L.Myangantsetseg is a painter, sculptor, broadcaster and a volunteer worker. This time, we conducted an interview in a different style. She spoke freely about her art and methods that she [...]

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Interesting facts about Tsagaan Sar


By B.DULGUUN Ul Boov (Pastry) Ul Boov or Kheviin boov are the long round pastries stack up to create the main dish of Tsagaan Sar. These round pastries are stack up in three or more layers, but the number of layers has to be in an odd number as each layer represents fortune and misery. [...]

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