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‘A Day of Mongolia’ thrived on Chinggis Square

Jagsaal B Munh-Erdene (2)

By E.DARI Some dedicated Mongolians spent Monday outside at Central Square. They gathered to attend a peaceful, public sit-in strike for “A Day of Mongolia-2014”, held to show policymakers how citizens are living and what challenges and difficulties they face. The participants believed that the authorities do not know how ordinary citizens live, as they [...]

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Housing market: Demand and supply interrupted


By E.DARI “I want to buy an apartment and live in one. But how will I find the money?” This is the worry of most who live in Ulaanbaatar’s ger district. There are many people who want to move from the ger district to an apartment town, and who want to sell one’s old apartment [...]

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Currency dealers in Naiman Sharga set exclusive exchange rates


By D.SERGELEN A declining Mongolian tugrug and increased value of foreign currency in recent years has been challenging to citizens and residents. Many people are discussing how to resolve the economic crisis, but until now, no solution has been reached. Even the Central Bank has said, “Keeping directly set currency is wrong. We should take [...]

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U.Tsevegmid: Children make up 20 percent of Mongolians going abroad for medical treatment

ded zahiral site

By D.SERGELEN The following is an interview with U.Tsevegmid, vice president of the Health Development Center The Ministry of Health released a list of 33 illnesses that are impossible to treat in Mongolia.  We’ve heard that your hospital is registering people who are suffering from one of the 33 illnesses. What kind of illness do [...]

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Honorary Consulate of Mongolia opens in Albania

Albanian Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta and J.Jargalsaikhan, honorary consul of the Republic of Albania to Mongolia

By D.SERGELEN In the framework of the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Albania, the opening ceremony of the Mongolian honorary consul was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Tirana on March 27. J.Jargalsaikhan, honorary consul of Albania to Mongolia and head of the Culture and Art Development Foundation of the Ministry of [...]

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D.Todnombat : Bringing Mongolian cosmetic surgery to global standards is our purpose


By D.SERGELEN There was a time when Mongolians considered only eyelid surgery as cosmetic surgery. But it has changed now. Whereas some people go to highly developed countries for cosmetic surgery, there are many women that prefer Mongolian cosmetic surgery instead, as it is reasonably priced and performed at a professional level. We spoke with [...]

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Mayor E.Bat-Uul speaks on UB’s current developments


By D.SERGELEN On March 17, Ulaanbaatar governor and City Mayor E.Bat-Uul, gave the public and the press information about construction work which will be implemented this year. We spoke with him for more details about this work. -When will the implementation of the Smart Ulaanbaatar project start? How much money will be spent in total? [...]

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Seeking Treatment

arhichin hashaad hartsaga1

By U.ARIUNJARGAL In Ulaanbaatar on July 6, 2009, shaman B.Baysgalan conducted an anti-alcoholism ceremony for a man named Battulga. Some families regularly enlist the services of shamans in order to “treat” alcoholism. His family, having brought him to the shaman, had hoped he would stop regularly drinking vodka. It ended in disaster. According to the [...]

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Liver cancer among Mongolians among highest in the world: Is alcohol to blame?

Highest Incidents of Liver Cancer (2012) 
(age-standardized rate per 100,000)

By B.TUNGALAG Mongolians have one of the highest rates of liver cancer in the world, with health officials saying that alcohol dependency emerges as a leading contributing factor. Mongolian adults drink an average of three liters of pure spirits (such as vodka, both locally produced and imported) each year, despite heavy alcohol consumption being associated [...]

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Facts facing the future


By E.DARI Underage drinking is on the rise According to a Shuud.mn article published on February 23, an alcoholism survey was conducted among 7,000 teenagers from an Ulaanbaatar general education school. The majority had tried vodka by the age of eleven, and 6.1 percent of these teens said they had consumed alcohol excessively – drinking [...]

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