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Mongolia’s economy through economist’s eyes


By Ch.KHALIUN Representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), Ministry of Finance and Mongol Bank made a report on the nation’s current economic condition, possible risks and opportunities from their point of view. Permanent representative of IMF to Mongolia Neil Saker: There are some positive results in the macro-economic regulations Currently, we [...]

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City council talks higher fees for towing

Towing operation

Trans. By B.NARANTUYA The regulation on towing has been causing some arguments and disappointments among Ulaanbaatar residents. The Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection stated that the regulation breaches the law. Residents of Ulaanbaatar are largely against to the regulation and demand state officials to reconsider the regulation and make changes to it. The [...]

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Ts.Dagiimaa: My father is famous not only in Mongolia but throughout the world

O.Tsevegjav's daughter Dagiimaa

By B.NARANTUYA  The following is an interview with Ts.Dagiimaa, daughter of Top Artist of the 20th Century of Mongolia, State Honored Artist O.Tsevegjav. Ts.Dagiimaa is the fifth child of seven children. She works at the International University of Ulaanbaatar, as the Dean of the Humanitarian Department and as the Chairwoman at the Department of English [...]

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Oxford Business Group’s latest report on Mongolia puts legislative upgrades under the microscope

By Paulius Kuncinas Regional Editor, Oxford Business Group A new report on Mongolia by Oxford Business Group (OBG) provided detailed analysis of the country’s efforts to reinvigorate foreign investment through a raft of new legislation and a broader trading base. The Report: Mongolia 2015 charts the ups and downs at Oyu Tolgoi, where recent progress looked [...]

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Summer schedule at Khui Doloon Khudag

The project Healthy citizen-Eco development took place in Khui Doloon Khudag last year

Trans. by B.NARANTUYA A large complex for national festivals and celebrations is expected to be built at Khui Doloon Khudag by 2020. The construction work of the complex started in 2013. As Mongolia is planning to host the 2040 Summer Olympics, several construction works are to be erected in relation to its preparation. Summer Cycling [...]

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IPTV service providers moving towards monopoly


Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL It has been a while since Ulaanbaatar residents have started complaining about how Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service providers are reportedly leaving them with no other options but to choose their services, according to the Agency for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection (AFCCP). When new apartment towns open, most of them have [...]

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No accountability, no resolution

Source news.mn

Trans. by B.NARANTUYA Residents of Ulaanbaatar have increasingly begun to voice concerns that apartment buildings in the capital might topple over, one after another, in relation to sub-standard construction work and lack of regulation. The first warning came with the shifting of Apartment No.16 in Bayangol District. The 244 residents of Apartment No.16, who were [...]

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Unanswered questions follow tilted apartment case

Excavation site adjacent to Apartment No.16, which should have been dug within the red box

Trans. by B.NARANTUYA Ulaanbaatar Administration Board organized its annual meeting last Saturday. The General Agency for Specialized Investigation (GASI), State Professional Inspection Agency, General Planning Authority, Property Relations Department and other related organizations attended the meeting to discuss the situation of Apartment No.16 in Bayangol District, which sustained serious damages after an adjacent construction dag [...]

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Khan Resources chairman’s death was not murder, says police

By B.DULGUUN The General Police Department made a statement about the death of James Doak, former chairman of Canadian uranium miner Khan Resources Inc. The timing of his deathstirred various suspicions in international media. The Mongolian Police made a statement to clear up the rumors. “According to an investigation at the scene of crime, no [...]

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Peace restored at hospitals

People under intoxication in drunk tank

By E.OYUNDARI After the regular Cabinet meeting last Wednesday, Health Minister G.Shiilegdamba made a statement through on Twitter that “drunk tank” responsibilities will be returned to police departments, according to news.mn. This means that the government will repeal the law calling for intoxicated people to be sent to hospitals to sober up under the care [...]

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