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Ulaanbaatar hospitals end up as office buildings


Trans. by B.NARANTUYA There are two buildings in the city center that are fully able to serve for more than 100,000 people and over 30,000 specialized state workers. Sadly, these buildings haven’t run its main activities since its construction five years ago. Originally, the building was planned to be a polyclinic hospital dedicated for specialized [...]

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Mongolia’s dark days of Stalinist repression on display

Portrait of Surmaajav, Permanent Member of the MPRP’s Central Committee Council and Chief of the Central Statistical Authority

By Allyson Seaborn The murder of tens of thousands of Mongolians by communist leaders from the 1930’s to the mid 1950’s was chronicled by a Mongolian woman named Tserendulam, who opened the humble Victims of Political Persecution Memorial Museum in Ulaanbaatar in 1992. She did this partially in remembrance of her father, former Prime Minister [...]

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Mongolia braces for the arrival of its three millionth citizen

Emneleg Muugi (4)

Trans by B.NARANTUYA Mongolia is eagerly awaiting its three millionth citizen. A worried looking man asks a nurse repeatedly whether his wife gave birth, outside a registration window at the Maternity Hospital. Another man standing by him asks whether it’s his first child, and tells him to think positively and he might just become the [...]

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Meat train on the move


Trans. by B.DULGUUN The Ministry of Food and Agriculture issued a meat export quota for eight companies on Wednesday, after a month’s delay in the tendering process for meat exporters. The Head of the Department of Coordination for Food Production Policy Implementation at the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture, Ts.Nandinjargal, explained the reason behind the [...]

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No jobs for puppet masters in Mongolia

Tempus fugit

Trans. by Z.Tselmeg Students who studied theater in Russia through a government initiative have returned home only to realize that their studies were fruitless as there were no jobs for them. At the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science’s initiative, 10 Mongolian students went to study in St. Petersburg through a government scholarship of the [...]

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Overview of social and economic situation in Mongolia by 2014


Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL  The National Statistical Office of Mongolia released the preliminary results of its social and economic indicators of 2014, which revealed remarkable increases in production of national manufacturing. The report covers information about various fields within social and economic sectors of Mongolia.  Mining and national production In the mining sector, molybdenum, gold and [...]

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Law on Whistleblower Protection to be submitted this week

oyungerel said hartsaga4

Trans. by D.SERGELEN Member of Parliament Ts.Oyungerel recently drafted the Law on Whistleblower Protection and spoke with Daily News about the legal project. You drafted the Law on Whistleblower Protection. What kind of principles will be upheld to implement the law? The Constitution of Mongolia reflected that every person has the right to express their [...]

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Clarifying goods to be exempt from customs duties

Person examines taxes

Trans. by B.DULGUUN The provisions of laws exempting goods from duties and import taxes have been amended recently, allowing specific amount of goods or goods within certain price margins to be exempt from customs taxes. Statistical experts have determined that over 120,000 Mongolians are living abroad. These people often send non-commercial items for personal use, [...]

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Taxpayers have rights to allowances and exemptions


Trans.by D.SERGELEN The Mongolian government has started trimming the state budget in connection with the current economic crisis. There are expectations of changes to social welfare and exemptions for personal income tax among the public at a time when people are in need of stable income and assets. People who purchased apartments before February, or [...]

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Summary of 2015 projects for Ulaanbaatar ecology and green development sector


Trans. by B.DULGUUN In 2014, The Ulaanbaatar Mayor developed the following projects for the ecology and green development sector in relation to the 2015 social and economic objectives and action plan for 2013 to 2015. 1.Projects for reducing air pollution The City Governor’s office will collaborate with the Mongolbank on constructing energy-efficient apartments with advanced [...]

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