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Peace restored at hospitals

People under intoxication in drunk tank

By E.OYUNDARI After the regular Cabinet meeting last Wednesday, Health Minister G.Shiilegdamba made a statement through on Twitter that “drunk tank” responsibilities will be returned to police departments, according to news.mn. This means that the government will repeal the law calling for intoxicated people to be sent to hospitals to sober up under the care [...]

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Wildfire spreads as dry weather approaches


By E.Khishigjargal The wildfires in the eastern region of Mongolia have spread to 10 soums in three provinces, with Bayan-Uulsoum of Dornod Province being the most affected region. More than 40 families have lost their homes, while an estimated 3,000 livestock have been lost in the fire. The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) gave a [...]

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Public poll reveals Mongolia’s top 10 politicians


Trans. by B.DULGUUN The Sant Maral Foundation (SMF) has released its results of their latest survey on approval rates of politicians of Mongolia. The foundation underlined that the survey, named the Barometer of Politicians, involved 1,200 people from Ulaanbaatar, as well as Khentii, Uvs, Tuv, Uvurkhangai, Arkhangai, and Dundgovi Provinces. The survey was conducted from [...]

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SME owners discuss industrial issues

jijig dund uildverlel erhlegchdiin chuulgan hartsaga --- (5)

Trans. by B.DULGUUN Owners of small and medium enterprises (SME)held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss principles for future development in the industrial sector. During the meeting, business owners highlighted, “The establishment of the new Ministry of Industry has become a major step for advancing production to a new and higher level.” They told the [...]

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Who’s in charge of universities?

Trans. by B.NARANTUYA Political appointments of university executives are casting shadows upon the country’s higher education. This can be observed from the changing board members of state universities that occur, as if by necessity, after every election. There are one hundred state and private universities in Mongolia. Every school has a board, where 51 to [...]

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Where can the Love Bus take you?


By E.Khishigjargal Do you take the bus to work every day? Most people have taken a bus ride at some point in their lives. But what if you were invited on a bus ride without having the slightest idea of its passengers and its destination? To board the bus, you have to follow only one [...]

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‘Transporting coal through pipeline will cost three USD per ton’

Ch.Enkhbold giving a speech at Coal Mongolia 2015

Trans. by B.DULGUUN General Director of E-Trans LLC Ch.Enkhbold introduced a new technology for transporting coal by having it flushed through pipelines, at the Coal Mongolia 2015 conference. The technology, upgraded by Mongolian scientists, is ready to be introduced, according to Ch.Enkhbold. In the following interview, he clarifies some important issues about the new technology  [...]

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Law on Waste Management to support recycling

Trash collectors at Tsagaan Davaa landfill

By B.Khash-Erdene Last week, MP Ts.Oyungerel visited various waste management and disposal organizations and facilities in Ulaanbaatar, such as landfills and water treatment plants, to incorporate public opinion in her draft law on waste management to be submitted to Parliament in May. The MP visited the Ulaanchuluut and Tsagaan Davaa landfills to meet the people [...]

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D.Batsaikhan: Theaters must come up with new ideas

Theater researcher D.Batsaikhan in the right

Trans. by B.Narantuya The following is an interview with the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture’s professor of art studies and theater researcher D.Batsaikhan. She is the daughter of the first theater researcher of Mongolia, S.Dashdondog. How long have you been working as a judge of the Gegeen Muza contest? How do you view [...]

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Standards to be set for waste producers


By B.KHASH-ERDENE Last week MP Ts.Oyungerel visited water treatment plants in Bayangol, Bagakhangai and Baganuur districts, as well as Buyant Ukhaa, conducting research for her draft law on waste management to be submitted to Parliament in May. The MP believes that there is a “great risk” of the sudden outbreak of contagious diseases due to [...]

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