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State service dogs being prepared for border protection

banhar (2)

 Trans. by B.DULGUUN Dog trainers from the Federal Security Service of Russia came to Mongolia earlier this year in April, to train Mongolian Bankhar (a rare Mongolian dog breed) foreign breeds for border protection and at the invitation of the Chairman of the General Authority for Border Protection of Mongolia (GABP). The four-month long training [...]

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Drama Theater: MINE AND core of Mongolia’s film and stage artists

Artists of the State Acedemic Theater of Drama

By E.OYUNDARI “Mongolia’s theater industry is in a developmental stage,” said S.Bold-Erdene, artist of the State Academic Drama Theater. Movie and theater industry in Mongolia fell with the market transition of 1990. Now it is recovering with great speed. Mongolians have been watching plays with great expectations, according to S.Bold-Erdene. “In the mid 1990s, Mongolian [...]

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Changes to childcare coming in 2016


Trans. by M.OYUNGEREL Every year, we plan a budget for building schools and kindergartens. Very few of those plans are carried out and most of them are gone with the wind. Every fall, issues about kindergartens arise, and parents are faced with a terrible decision: to bribe or not to bribe. Some choose to bribe [...]

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Cloud seeding at the wrong time


Trans. by M.OYUNGEREL “Most of Mongolia is in a drought. We haven’t seen one this harsh in many years. We are bound to lose most of our crops, and flour and pastry prices are going to go through the roof. If it doesn’t rain in May or June, rain in July and August is of [...]

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80 percent of crops dead, 150 billion MNT buried in the ground

By B.Khash-Erdene Approximately 80 percent of Mongolia’s crops have died this summer due to extreme drought across the country, according to board member of the Mongolian Plantation Union B.Erdenebat. Though the situation has reached a critical level, the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture has yet to take action, let alone announce to the public what [...]

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Travel to a not-so-foreign foreign state


By M.OYUNGEREL Mongolians have embraced the five-day holiday for Naadam and a lot of us left for Russia, specifically Lake Baikal. Two hours of waiting at customs at 3:00 a.m. seemed an unusually easy task even on the day of Naadam as the excitement of the journey lying ahead overwhelmed. During my six-day travel through [...]

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Province Naadam for the people


By Michelle Borok As it should be, the National Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar is a tremendous production. It showcases the best of competitors in the “three manly games”, the country’s top cultural performers, and days filled with special events celebrating Mongolia’s history, traditions, and culture. In the provinces, naadam has all the same energy and [...]

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Revised schedule of trade markets during Naadam

The following is a schedule for major food markets in Ulaanbaatar during Naadam, approved by the Ulaanbaatar City Mayor’s Office. Most neighborhood grocery stores will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. on July 10, and will be closed on July 11 and 12. Regular schedules will resume on July 13. Narantuul Market will [...]

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Traffic regulations during Naadam

By Ch.KHALIUN Public transportation During Naadam, public transportation service will be organized as follows: From July 11 to 15, a total of 725 buses will serve city residents, with 615 buses on 81 routes, 90 small buses in 17 routes, and four buses on routes to camps. On July 11 and 12, 20 buses to [...]

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Closed roads to reopen during Naadam

By B.ULZIINEMEKH The Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office reported on Monday that road projects in Ulaanbaatar have been intensified to allow for the smooth flow of traffic during Naadam, with previously closed roads being reopened. The executors of the city’s road expansion and construction projects are currently working at a faster pace with a plan to open [...]

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