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Residents forced to give up land for UB road project

The expansion of a 4.6 kilometer road from Revolutionists’ Street (Khuvisgalchidiin Gudamj) to the new terminus of Zuragt and the Bayankhoshuu intersection is currently delayed due to residents’ reluctance to vacate their lands. In May, Express Zam began the expansion of the previously seven meter wide road to a fourteen meter wide road with 2.5 [...]

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UB road projects delayed by land disputes

“New roads will help to bring down traffic congestion but people aren’t giving up their land, which slows down road construction” reports the City Road Authority. Governor and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar E.Bat-Uul, City Governor Authority Director E.Gerelchuluun, General Manager of Ulaanbaatar B.Badral, and Head of the City Road Authority D.Nanzaddorj checked on the progress of [...]

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Dining Out with UB Foodies: Khaan Deli

Sometimes, as an expat or traveler, the things you miss most from abroad are the creature comforts. The simplicity of popping into a neighborhood diner for a hot cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast that you know. Khaan Deli provides that taste of home in an unpretentious, just as open to locals, no frills, [...]

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More torment for drivers in Ulaanbaatar

Life in the capital city is becoming more and more problematic and one of the main causes is traffic congestion. The Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, E.Bat-Uul, frequently mentions that expenses for people living in capital cities are higher and advised residents to be more frugal in accordance with world standards. The mayor is quick to impose [...]

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Park Ranger: I will protect this land until I die

Mongolia is a landscape of great diversity and great beauty. One such unique area is the Ikh Gazriin Chuluu Nature Reserve in the Dundgovi Province. Known as the birthplace of famed long singer, Namjilyn Norovbanzad, these steppes continue to inspire long singers, naturists, nomads and visitors alike. M. Munkhochir, a park ranger with the Ministry [...]

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Ch.Khashchuluun: The economy will worsen this winter

The following is an interview with economist Ch.Khashchuluun, highlighting many crucial issues regarding Mongolia’s current economic conditions. Only ten days are left until the 100 day plan to intensify the economy ends but macro economic statistics continue to decline. The program was supposed to bring positive effects and yet, just recently, international credit rating agencies [...]

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MUST under scrutiny for suspect appointments

Although changes have begun, the education sector is still struggling to take-off due to corruption and other concealed activities within the sector. The following is an interesting update on the directors of Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST). The education sector is implementing an actual system of appointing family members, relatives and friends to [...]

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International Youth Day stresses mental health

International Youth Day was observed on August 2, with the underlining theme of “Youth and Mental Health”. “Mongolia has a very young population. Nearly 50 percent of the population is under the age of 25. Then it becomes critical that young people’s issues are freely addressed in government programs, programs that NGOs have, private sector [...]

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Norovsuren: Ger districts will not exist in the future

Norovsuren, who did not want his face on press, stands next to his ger

  Searching for a better life and for greener pastures has recently meant leaving the greenery of the countryside for the gray smoke of the city. Powered by Mongolia’s economic expansion in the extractive industries, Ulaanbaatar is experiencing growth at rapid rates. The arrival of modern buildings, luxury boutiques, and tower cranes, is proof of [...]

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Landlocked democracy faces challenges balancing diplomacy


Mongolia abstains from UN resolution on Territorial Integrity of Ukraine: chosen or compelled? As the Crimean crisis continues, concerns have emerged whether ongoing conflict will affect diplomatic relations in Mongolia – like Ukraine, an independent and democratic state, neighboring Russia. Mongolia’s political neutrality is considered by many as a wise choice and a product of [...]

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