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Altanbulag forum focuses on improving the free trade zone


By Ch.KHALIUN Last Friday, the Ministry of Industry, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), and Altanbulag’s Free Zone Investors Council jointly organized the Altanbulag – 2015 Economic Forum at the MNCCI. The main goal of the forum was to discuss the current conditions of the Altanbulag free trade zone, its activities, further development, [...]

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Construction companies to raise funds through the stock market


By Ch.KHALIUN On Wednesday, the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE), Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, and Mongolian National Construction Association established a memorandum of understanding to provide financing to construction companies through the stock market. The sides say that collaboration is vital in raising funds for construction companies from the stock market by releasing bonds [...]

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MP L.Erdenechimeg: TT negotiations can’t be moved forward

Erdenchimeg L gishuun hartsaga +

By Ch.KHALIUN On Monday, MP L.Erdenechimeg, chairing the working group in charge of concluding the Tavan Tolgoi negotiations, made a statement at the Government House, announcing that TT negotiations can’t be moved forward. Last week, she visited Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi Company in Umnugovi’s Tsogttsetsii soum. As of today, the company is storing 2.3 tons of [...]

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Mongolia Business Summit 2015 discuss business opportunities in Mongolia


By Ch.KHALIUN The Mongolia Business Summit was organized from June 18 to 20 at Ikh Tenger Complex in Ulaanbaatar, with a focus to introduce business opportunities in Mongolia, set business ties, and promote the cultural development of Mongolia. Over 500 domestic and international participants attended the summit to discuss current and future business trends and [...]

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Farmers ask for less powdered milk import


By Ch.KHALIUN Minister of Food and Agriculture R.Burmaa became acquainted with the activities of dairy farms located in the 21st and 32nd khoroos of Songinokhairkhan District, where farmers asked for limiting the import of powdered milk. During the visit, R.Burmaa exchanged views with authorities of the Mongolian Milk Association. She introduced a policy on intensified [...]

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Southeast Asian bank representatives visit UB


By Ch.KHALIUN Policy-level decision makers from central banks in 14 Southeast Asian countries are gathering in Ulaanbaatar for the “Extracting Information from Financial Markets for Monetary Policy Making” forum, being held from June 14 to 19. The main goal of the forum is to provide knowledge on gathering information, conducting analysis on useful information, and [...]

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Erdenes TT staff unhappy with TT negotiations


By Ch.KHALIUN Head of Ev Sanaanii Negdel (Solidarity) Trade Union S.Erdene, workers of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi B.Tumendelger and G.Delgerbayar made a statement to the press opposing Tavan Tolgoi negotiations. The statement was addressed to the Speaker of Parliament and MPs. They claimed that TT negotiations are being made with no profits for Mongolia, and criticized [...]

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Deep-processed hides ready for export

aris shir muugii (27)

By Ch.KHALIUN On June 9, Leather 2015 Consultation was held, announcing that deep-processed hides are now ready for export. There are 35 leather processing factories and around 200 sheepskin and leather clothing factories nationwide. During the consultation, experts emphasized that Mongolia is ranked in the middle by its leather tanning technology. The consultation attendees underlined [...]

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Mongolian business representatives demand financial freedom

By Ch.KHALIUN Last Thursday, representatives of entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations made a public statement, calling for freeing the nation’s economy without any populism. The spokespeople said that due to decisions made by populists the nation’s economic growth has fallen from 17.3 percent to 4.4 percent. The believe that because of what they identify as the [...]

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Executive directors of Asian Development Bank visit Mongolia


By Ch.KHALIUN Eight members of the Board of Directors of Asian Development Bank (ADB) are visiting Mongolia from May 31 to June 5, to become acquainted with the nation’s current conditions and development issues. The delegation is visiting agriculture and mining sites in Umnugovi, Dornogovi, and Dundgovi provinces. They are being introduced to projects that [...]

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