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Mongolian engineers create a residential hybrid energy system


By M.OYUNGEREL Mongolian engineers at Organic Energy Group and Green City Association announced on February 26 that they have created a  hybrid energy system that increases residential energy efficiency. Organic Energy Group and Green City Association started creating the system last June to decrease the use of coal, save on residential energy expenses, and decrease air [...]

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MNB cancels Jargal De Facto’s show after interview with J.Amarsanaa

Jargalsaihan D Hartsaga --- (3)

By M.OYUNGEREL The Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB) cancelled D.Jargalsaikhan’s interview show on Mongoliin Medee (MM), a branch of MNB, after he interviewed with former head of the Constitutional Court J.Amarsanaa. D.Jargalsaikhan, commonly known as Jargal De Facto, hosted interviews on NTV, MNB, and Eagle TV for over two years and his contracts with NTV and [...]

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Alleged victim of Bayanzurkh Mayor’s assault case demands review of security camera footage

-23022016-1456208614-216667657-purevdavaa_hural (1)

By M.OYUNGEREL D.Oyuntuya, who allegedly witnessed Bayanzurkh District Mayor D.Purevdavaa’s assault on his pregnant staff member N.Erdene, held a press conference on February 23 demanding a release of the January 28 security camera footage of Soyombo Hall, where she claims N.Erdene was attacked. At the beginning of the conference, D.Oyuntuya showed a video recording of [...]

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Molecular biology laboratory opens in Khan-Uul District

Molekul biologiin heregleenii hamtarsan laboratory Muugi +

By M.OYUNGEREL Minister of Education, Culture, and Science L.Gantumur and Chinese Ambassador to Mongolia Xing Haiming took part in the opening of a new molecular biology laboratory, located in the Armono Corporation building in Khan-Uul District, on February 22. The laboratory was built through the Mongolian Science Park Project, financed by a one million USD [...]

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Bayanzurkh Mayor denies claims of beating former staff member


By M.OYUNGEREL Bayanzurkh District Mayor D.Purevdavaa held a press conference on February 19, denying claims that he had beaten the former head of the district’s Child and Family Development Center, N.Erdene, while she was pregnant. Local news outlets reported last week that D.Purevdavaa was accused of beating his former staff member. They reported that he [...]

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Parliament dismisses head of the Constitutional Court

amarsanaa  hartsaga (1)

By Ch.KHALIUN During the irregular parliamentary plenary session held on Friday, the Parliament voted to dismiss the Head of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia, J.Amarsanaa, with a 79.5 percent vote from MPs. On January 27, Parliament’s Legal Standing Committee approved the dismissal of the Head of the Constitutional Court, J.Amarsanaa. He was found to have [...]

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UNFPA distributes sanitary products for women in dzud-struck regions


By M.OYUNGEREL The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) sent 120 sanitary packages for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to distribute to girls and women living in dzud-struck regions of Mongolia on February 16. The sanitary packages include 19 products, including a toothbrush, sanitary pads, toothpaste, and flashlight. In total, the packages cost approximately 24.4 [...]

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Citizens call for dismissal of the Constitutional Court


By M.OYUNGEREL People demonstrated with Hyundai Excels parked outside the Constitutional Court on February 15 at 9:00 a.m. opposing the politicized operations of the Constitutional Court and asking for dismissal of its members. According to one of the demonstrators, L.Enkhsaikhan, the protestors have no affiliations with political parties or NGOs. “We’re representing the public. The [...]

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Netherlands to deport Mongolian asylum seekers


By M.OYUNGEREL With the inclusion of Mongolia in the Dutch list of safe countries of origin on February 12, Mongolian asylum seekers will now be considered ineligible for asylum to the Netherlands starting on March 1, and are expected to leave the country immediately. The Dutch State Secretary of the Ministry of Security and Justice, [...]

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Goods confiscated during Tsagaan Sar safety regulation inspections

Products which failed to meet labeling requirements

By M.OYUNGEREL The General Agency for Specialized Investigation (GASI) reported that 669 goods valued at 25.2 million MNT were confiscated during inspections for Tsagaan Sar celebrations, citing a failure to meet quality and safety standards. GASI identified 2,942 quality and safety violations after inspecting 3,011 entities, 827 organizations, and 2,271 individuals operating food-related businesses. They [...]

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