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PM advisor L.Gansukh addressed letter to find out the truth

Prime Minister’s advisor L.Gansukh was jailed in Tuv Province on July 29, on suspicion of embezzling 3.6 billion MNT from a local coal project. L.Gansukh wrote a letter to the President of Mongolia, State General Prosecutor Office, National Human Rights Commission and head of the Democratic Party. “The Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) defamed and [...]

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Prime Minister attends aerocrete factory launch

Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag gave a speech at the opening ceremony of a lightweight concrete factory of Dorniin Tsas LLC. The government hopes to use domestic raw material to manufacture final products in Mongolia to balance the foreign trade deficit of Mongolia. Dorniin Tsas’s new concrete factory has the capacity to produce 200,000 cubic meters of [...]

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Minister of Culture’s brother Ts.Bat condemned for expressing his opinion on Twitter

Ts.Bat , brother of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ts.Oyungerel, was sentenced to three months and ten days in prison at a Primary Court hearing for “defaming” the Minister of Roads and Transportation A.Gansukh on  Twitter and other social media. Ts.Bat worked as a chief of the policy planning department at the Mongolian Civil [...]

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Selenge Province harvest sales begin

  Vegetable farmers from Selenge Province started selling harvested vegetables in front of Sky Department on Friday. The farmers dedicated their hard work and heart to the harvest and city residents will be able to purchase the new harvest for two months, until October 15. The farmers said they worried about the new harvest as [...]

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Flight distances between airplanes flying across Mongolia are switching to international standards, from 90 km to 30 km, on September 18. The Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia spoke with journalists about the upgrade and equipment. In order to implement this change, they have installed new facilities and trained staff, and they are about to install [...]

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Cars parked on first lanes to be wheel-clamped starting next week

Starting next week, vehicles parked on the first lanes of main roads will be wheel-clamped for violating parking regulations as a penalty, instead of being towed away. The capital city begun towing away vehicles parked on the first lanes of main road this year. Kh.Odbayar, crime prevention inspector of the Traffic Police Department, spoke to [...]

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Student-Soldiers take oath

The oath taking ceremony of the student-soldiers program was held at Chinggis Square on Wednesday.Over 418 freshmen of 42 universities and other higher learning institutes are taking part in the student-soldier program.The President of Mongolia and Commander in Chief of the Mongolian Armed Force, Ts.Elbegdorj attended in the ceremony and stressed, “Taking an oath for [...]

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Monos fails state inspection

Following the hospitalization of 16 children provided with excessive dosages of phenobarbital distributed at a Monos pharmacy, the nation’s largest pharmaceutical chain failed an inspection by the State Specialized Inspection Agency. “We are officially to blame for the affected children and we have failed to do our job responsibly,” reported Monos in a statement to [...]

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Nurse Stabbed in the Neck on National Health Worker Day

The second Saturday of every August is celebrated as Mongolia’s Health Worker Day, but on Saturday August 9, a nurse of the State Central Third Hospital was stabbed in the neck at the hospital. The attacker is reportedly criticize G (names redacted), 29, who resides in Songinokhairkhan District. The man was reportedly angry that his [...]

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‘Street’ project under investigation for alleged overspending

“Street” project officials holding press conference

Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL The Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) is investigating the “Street” project, funded by the Chinggis Bond, to find out whether it has overspent its budget, reported E.Amarbat, head of the Investigation Division at IAAC. The project, coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Development, is responsible for most of the major road and [...]

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