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Wildfires continue to cause substantial damage in provinces


By M.ZOLJARGAL A wildfire broke out in Khentii Province’s Bayan-ovoo soum on Monday and has been spreading to other provinces despite efforts to put it out. The wildfire expanded to two bags (the smallest administrative unit in provinces) of Sukhbaatar Province’s Tumentsogt soum, which borders Bayan-ovoo, and also spread to Dornod Province. Firefighters managed to [...]

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Traffic Police promotes public awareness to prevent accidents

48 huuhed avtiin osloor nas barjee jagsaal hartsaga --- (2)

By M.ZOLJARGAL The Ulaanbaatar Traffic Police Department (UTPD) held a public event on Friday at the Freedom Square, next to Tengis Cinema, where it put 48 empty school desks and chairs to mourn the death of 48 children who died in traffic accidents last year. Parents, volunteers, students of School No.57 and preschoolers of Kindergarten [...]

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Mongol Post employees to organize a strike

The banner states, The Post Office isn't the political game

By B.NARANTUYA Over 1,000 employees of Mongol Post held a press conference on April 10, announcing that a nationwide strike would be called if Mongol Post’s Executive Director Ts.Batsaikhan is not returned to his position. Ts.Batsaikhan was recently removed from his position with what his supporters say was procedure against state protocol and charges lacking [...]

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Inspection to find solutions for illegal operations at Bogd Mountain


By M.ZOLJARGAL Companies conducting business on land at Bogd Khan Mountain will soon undergo inspection to determine if they are operating according to their authorized licenses. Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism D.Oyunkhorol and Ulaanbaatar City Mayor E.Bat-Uul have formed a joint working group to organize the inspection. Following an order from the government, [...]

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One missing and one dead after heavy snowfall


By M.ZOLJARGAL Heavy snowfall and blizzard left 98 people lost, 140 cars and more households covered in snow, and numerous livestock dead nationwide last week. A total of 98 people were reported missing in Arkhangai, Dundgovi, Uvurkhangai, Tuv, Uvs and Bulgan Provinces. From them, 96 were found safe while one was found dead and one [...]

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Mayor apologizes for attack against Inner Mongolian tourists


By M.ZOLJARGAL Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul met with delegates of the Association of Inner Mongolians in Mongolia (AIMM) last week and offered his apology for an attack against Inner Mongolian tourists by members of a Mongolian nationalist group. Photos of the foreign visitors kneeling in front of members of a Mongolian nationalist group at Burkhan Khaldun [...]

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Dragon long-distance bus terminal reopens


By M.ZOLJARGAL The Passenger Transport Service Center reopened its long-distance bus terminal running buses between Ulaanbaatar and provinces, on Wednesday, after a complete upgrade. The Passenger Transport Service Center, commonly known as Dragon Bus Terminal, moved into its new building shortly before the opening. “The building is an eight-floor office with 12,800 square meters of [...]

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Prime Minister approves dismissal of Dornod Province Mayor


By M.ZOLJARGAL Mayor of Dornod Province S.Ganbat was dismissed last week, following the province representative council’s demand approved by Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg. The Dornod Province Representative Council was ordered to submit a request to the Prime Minister for the appointment of the next mayor of Dornod Province within two weeks. The council submitted the demand [...]

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First rain of the year falls in Khuvsgul Province


By M.ZOLJARGAL Khuvsgul Province’s Khatgal soum, where Khuvsgul Lake is located, had the first rainfall of the year in Mongolia on Wednesday evening. International weather forecast agencies confirmed that a mix of light snow and rain will fall today in Ulaanbaatar. Western and central regions will experience snow and rain in upcoming days as well, [...]

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Bird diverting technology to save millions of MNT

Shonhor Muugi (3)

By M.ZOLJARGAL Activists of the Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia’s (WSCCM) displayed over 100 dead Saker falcons at a press conference that had been electrocuted to illustrate the need for bird diverting technology at power lines. The WSCCM has been coordinating a project to protect birds of prey since 2010. The center said [...]

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