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Mongolians conquer at World Memory Championships


By B.TUNGALAG Thirteen Mongolian mental sport athletes from the Mongolian Intellectual Academy successfully participated in the 23rd World Memory Championships, which took place in Hainan, China, from December 11 to 13, earning nearly half of the competition’s medals. The Mongolian team seized 29 of the 60 medals available, and placed second out of 26 countries [...]

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Running the Deputy Minister marathon


By B.DULGUUN Over 40 party candidates are in a race for seven deputy minister positions in PM Ch.Saikhanbileg’s new government. According to the coalition government agreement, the Democratic Party was allotted five deputy minister seats, the Mongolian People’s Party with seven seats, Justice Coalition (established by the Mongolian National Democratic Party and Mongolian People’s Revolutionary [...]

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President awards song of democratic revolution with State Prize


By Ch.KHALIUN On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the democratic revolution, Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj awarded the song “Khonkhnii Duu” (Ring of the Bell) by S.Tsogtsaikhan with the State Prize of Mongolia. “Khonkhnii Duu” was a hit single and the iconic hymn of the democratic revolution in Mongolia in the 1990s. S.Tsogtsaikhan composed the [...]

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PM submits draft on government structure

PM CH.Saikhanbileg submiting a draft on governmental structure to Speaker Z.Enkhbold

By Ch.KHALIUN On Wednesday, Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg submitted drafts on governmental structure, the new government’s components, an amendment to the law on government, and a Parliamentary resolution on adopting the general structure of state administrative bodies to Speaker Z.Enkhbold for approval. The draft states that the new government’s structure will consist of a prime minister, [...]

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Mongolia to form coalition government to ‘overcome’ economic crisis

MPP members for the establishment of a coalition government

By B.KHASH-ERDENE The Democratic Party’s (DP) recently appointed Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg will join hands with the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), the opposition party in Parliament, to form a coalition government that promises to end the economic crisis without taking on more national debt. At Saturday’s MPP meeting, over 200 members of the party voted to [...]

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Ch.Saikhanbileg appoints new chairmen in law enforcement


By Ch.KHALIUNAA On Wednesday, the Cabinet held its regular meeting, during which Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg replaced and appointed new heads of some law enforcement organizations. Chairman of the General Authority for Implementing Court Decisions S.Buyandalai has been dismissed, and B.Bilegt was appointed the new chairman. Chairman of the Central Intelligence Agency B.Ariusan was dismissed and [...]

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Ulaanbaatar to host Asian Youth Fencing Championship in 2015


By B.TUNGALAG Ulaanbaatar administrators have announced that the Asian Youth Fencing Championship and General Assembly of the Asian Fencing Federation (AFF) will be hosted in the city next year, from September 7 to 12. The decision to give Mongolia the right to host the events was made at the annual congress of the International Fencing [...]

November 25th, 2014 | Posted in Онцлох мэдээлэл | Read More »

‘Mounted Mongolians’ completes a six-month journey across Mongolia


By M.ZOLJARGAL Ulaanbaatar welcomed the return of a team of young men who crossed Mongolia on horseback to document the daily lives of Mongolian nomads and the unrelenting persistence of Mongolian horse culture, on Saturday at Khaadiin Khaan Equestrian Complex near the city. The team of five riders set off on their journey on May [...]

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Independent MPs threaten opposition if MANAN is created


By Ch.KHALIUN Even though it’s not been officially announced, there are rumors spreading that a “government of national unity” will be established and all parties will unite to form it. Independent MPs expressed their opposition to this proposal and other issues to be discussed this week during Parliament’s meetings of the standing committees and plenary [...]

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PM candidate Saikhanbileg promises a way out of economic recession

saihanbileg shu  hartsaga1 (1)

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Ch.Saikhanbileg has been elected by the Democratic Party to take up the mantle of Prime Minister after the recent ousting of N.Altankhuyag. Saikhanbileg, who was Cabinet Minister in Altankhuyag’s government, said he will work towards addressing the economic recession. “One general issue is the economic crisis we are currently facing. How to get [...]

November 17th, 2014 | Posted in Онцлох мэдээлэл | Read More »

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