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Apartment granted to parents of four sets of twins


By B.DULGUUN The Prime Minister granted a new apartment to the parents of eight children, born in the rare case of four consecutive deliveries of twins, to celebrate the 375th anniversary of the founding of Ulaanbaatar. Father D.Enkhtur and mother Ts.Undrakh, previously residing in the 11th khoroo of Sukhbaatar District, received the key and certificate [...]

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Anonymous text messages sent to parliamentarians


By Ch.KHALIUN After adopting a parliamentary draft resolution on measures for ensuring the realization of state policy on railway transportation, MPs and media focused on a scandal involving “flying messages”, anonymous SMS texts sent with political messages. During the session on Friday, MP A.Bakei announced that there were some problems with telecommunications. He said that [...]

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Parade of wrecked cars warns the public about road safety

Tsuwaa Muugi

By M.ZOLJARGAL Police in Ulaanbaatar led a parade of emergency vehicles, hearses, and trucks loaded with cars destroyed in traffic accidents down Peace Avenue on Wednesday, to remind the public of the consequences of careless driving. The cars were involved in accidents resulting from text messaging while driving, driving in oncoming traffic lanes, and driving [...]

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Ulaanbaatar DP objects to cooperation agreement signed by DP and MPRP

bat uul khartsaga (3)

By Ch.KHALIUN Chairman of the City Democratic Party and Mayor E.Bat-Uul, Chairman of the City Council D.Battulga and DP Secretary P.Nurzed have voiced their objection to the new cooperation treaty signed between PM N.Altankhuyag and Chairman of the MPRP N.Enkhbayar. E.Bat-Uul said, “This agreement is illegal. The DP’s Executive Board of the National Coordinating Committee [...]

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DP to cooperate with MPRP’s Justice Coalition


By Ch.KHALIUN Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), PM N.Altankhuyag and Chairman of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP) N.Enkhbayar revised and signed a new cooperation agreement including cooperation with the MPRP-MNDP’s Justice Coalition and Civil Will-Green Party. Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag underlined that the “New Government for Changes” was established two years ago, and during [...]

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Ger area households move into new apartments


By M.ZOLJARGAL Songinokhairkhan District residents who have relieved their lands for the ger area redevelopment project have become the first households to move into the project’s new apartments. Two apartment buildings for 168 households have opened in sixth khoroo of Songinokhairkhan District and the coordinators handed over the keys to the 20 families who previously [...]

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Press Freedom Under Siege


More Special Edition Articles on Press Freedom Press Freedom Law: Debate continues Mongolia’s flourish to social media ‘Mongolian journalism is in crisis’, say advocates ‘Media are strangling their own freedom’ - Interview with Deputy Director of News.mn ‘Investigative journalism is a courageous journalism’, a discussion with TV9 Director T.Baasansuren   By B.KHASH-ERDENE In this Special Edition [...]

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Ts.Elbegdorj: Politics is wrecking the economy and the nation

elbegee TUYA1

Trans. by B.DULGUUN The following is an interview with President Ts.ELbegdorj about timely issues on Mongolia’s  economy, legislations, and government related issues. You declared that the UN should be reformed at the General Assembly of the UN. Can you comment on this? Well, the UN reform has been discussed for many years. Mongolia didn’t initiate [...]

October 5th, 2014 | Posted in Онцлох мэдээлэл | Read More »

Six ministries specified in government restructuring plan submitted to Parliament


By Ch.KHALIUN Yesterday, Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag submitted draft amendments to the law on government structure and law of government components to Speaker of the Parliament Z.Enkhbold, calling for changes to six cabinet ministries. The Prime Minister made a statement, specifying, The “New Government for Changes” has been working with 16 ministries, but the following six [...]

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Fire at Shangri-La Hotel raises questions about emergency services in Ulaanbaatar

shangrella shatlaa TUYA1

By M.ZOLJARGAL The fire which broke out on Tuesday afternoon at the 24-story Shangri-La Hotel proved the urgent need to improve the resources of fire departments in Ulaanbaatar. It took nearly 40 firefighters almost two hours to extinguish the fire, using six fire trucks lacking ladders tall enough to reach the higher floors of the [...]

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