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Mongolia and Japan wrap up free trade deal


By B.KHASH-ERDENE Mongolia and Japan signed an Economic Partnership Agreement on Tuesday, as Mongolia hopes to diversify its trade partners and maintain its fast-paced growth. The agreement was announced by Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in a joint statement. Within the agreement, all Mongolian exports to Japan, including meat and raw [...]

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New four-way intersection opens at Zuun Ail

11 horoolol Muugii

Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL A newly expanded four-way intersection opened on Monday at Zuun Ail, which regularly experienced traffic overload prior to the expansion. The new intersection was previously a T-junction and was expanded into a four-way intersection as one of 12 intersection projects planned by the Street Project in 2014 by the Ministry of Economic [...]

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Three construction workers die in a 13th floor fall


Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL Three construction workers working on an Archive of Social Protection Sector building currently under construction fell from the 13th floor while fixing an elevator at around 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. Two workers died on impact, while the third worker died after receiving medical attention. The construction site is located in the fourth [...]

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First place winners of Naadam Festival games announced


Trans. by D.SERGELEN  The first place winners of the wrestling, archery, horseracing and knucklebone shooting tournaments for the 2014 Naadam games celebrating the 2,223rd anniversary of the Establishment of the Mongolian State, the 808th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and the 93rd anniversary of the People’s Revolution were announced.  National Wrestling Hawk of Nation [...]

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Program of the Naadam Festival


Trans. by D.Sergelen The National Naadam Festival kicks off on Friday nationwide. The organizing committee on Naadam has released the full program of the national celebration on the 2,223rd anniversary of the Establishment of the Mongolian State and the 808th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire. Events of the National Naadam Festival are to take [...]

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Tumurtei iron ore concentrator launches


Trans. by B.DULGUUN The opening ceremony of the iron ore concentrator of Tumurtei mine was held on July 1. The concentrator has the capacity to process three to four million tons of iron ore a year and is a project of the Darkhan Metallurgical Plant, a state owned joint stock company, for establishing an iron [...]

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Parliament passes law on a five-day Naadam holiday

hartsaga shu hu

Trans. by D.Sergelen During the parliamentary meeting on Tuesday, the first discussion of the amendments to the Law on Celebrating Public Festivals and Memorable Days, making July 14 and 15 public holidays, was held. Member of Parliament N.Battsereg introduced the proposals of the State Structure Standing Committee. At the meeting of the Standing Committee, they [...]

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11 government ministers overshoot travel expenses

goliin nzurag

By B.KHASH-ERDENE During last week’s Parliament session, the General Audit Authority reported that 11 ministers exceeded their foreign visit spending last year by hundreds of millions of MNT. The ministers were criticized for spending taxpayer money on “leisure and travel” by local news outlets and on social media. In response to the allegation, Foreign Affairs [...]

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Public outrage changes course


 By B.KHASH-ERDENE Shortly after the public fury that forced law makers to retract the newly proposed Land Law had just begun to fade, the talk by law makers of building Chinese-standard narrow gauge railroad from Tavan Tolgoi coal mine to the Chinese border has rebounded in public protest. Social media and the press are in [...]

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Mongolian audit report claims 130 million USD from Oyu Tolgoi in unpaid taxes


By E.KHASH-ERDENE The four billion USD underground expansion of Oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine might be delayed once again, as Mongolia makes demands for unpaid taxes and penalties, shortly after the mine laid off 300 workers. The Mongolian Tax Authority sent an audit report to Turquoise Hill Resources, which owns 66 percent of the [...]

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