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A.Bilguun: Instead of getting a loan, a state-owned company should be privatized and apply for an IPO in international markets


Trans. by B.DULGUUN Executive Director of Mongolian Investment Banking Group A.Bilguun talks about the current economic situation. He is an experienced specialist who graduated in finance from Saint Mary’s University, Canada, and worked at the Toronto Stock Exchange. When economic policies are intensified in September, how do you envision changes in the current economic crisis? [...]

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2014 Naadam Festival opening ceremony insights from director D.Sosorbaram

so hartsaga2

Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL  One of the very few Mongolian national holidays with roots that can be traced back centuries is the Naadam Festival. In Ulaanbaatar it kicks off at the National Sports Stadium on July 11, with an elaborate opening ceremony of diverse, traditionally-themed performances. The following is an interview from June 26 with the [...]

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B.Enkhtsetseg: Labor exploitation is another form of human trafficking

zolood hartsaga

By M.ZOLJARGAL We talked to B.Enkhtsetseg, official of a program against human trafficking at the Center for Human Rights and Development (CHRD), about human trafficking issues in Mongolia, earlier this week. Our interview largely focused on labor exploitation – one of the identified forms of human trafficking – which reportedly makes up most of the [...]

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A.Bakei: Even with 13 holidays a year, the economy will not be affected drastically


By B.DULGUUN A.Bakei is an experienced politician who worked as Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment, Food and Agriculture from 2005 to 2006, during his time as MP from 2004 to 2008. He is currently Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on State Structure. On June 27, the Standing Committee on State Structure [...]

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Dynamic Mohanik takes on an inspirational tour


By B.ERDENESUVD From June 15 to 19 at Blue Moon Art Gallery, Mongolian rock band Mohanik celebrated the launch of its new album “Mohanik at Amarbayasgalant”. The band recently took an “inspirational” tour, where they experimented with natural sounds and used unique Mongolian tunes to create their new album. An event titled “Foreword” was held [...]

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J.Tsedenragchaa: Excessive governmental regulation should be stopped


Trans. by B.DULGUUN  The following is an interview with Chairman of the Mongolian Association of Securities Dealers (MASD) J.Tsedenragchaa, highlighting important aspects of the Mongolian stock market.  Security trading at the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE) dropped drastically recently. How is this effecting brokers and dealers? In the last two years, brokers received less work.  There [...]

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D.Gankhuyag: Wang Yi’s visit will strengthen Mongolia-China relation and cooperation


By B.DULGUUN Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi visited Mongolia from June 24 to 26. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Gankhuyag gave an interview regarding the visit. How do you assess the importance of the visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi to Mongolia? What’s the significance of his visit?  The visit [...]

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G.Jamsrandorj: It’s essential to make official estimates of mineral reserves


By B.DULGUUN Mongolian miners and geologists met up last month to establish a nongovernmental organization named Mongolian Institution of Geology and Mining (MIGM). G.Jamsrandorj, Ph.D. of geological science, engineer and board member of the NGO, clarified some important functions and the purpose of MIGM.  Why was it necessary to establish this institution? We can say [...]

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S.Tsogbadrakh: I feel great knowing that a Mongolian set a new world record


Trans. by B.DULGUUN  The following is an interview with international Grand Master of Mental Sports and accountant at APU S.Tsogbadrakh. He participated in the International Open Memory Championship, which was organized in Manila, Philippines, in May, and set a new world record. Can you tell us how many athletes from how many countries participated in [...]

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O.Ganbat: Customs officers will be reshuffled every two years


Trans. by B.DULGUUN  The following is an interview with O.Ganbat, head of the General Customs Office of Mongolia, about timely issues in the sector. Last year, customs administrators and officers were reshuffled. What is the result of this work?  Last year, we made major innovations which the Customs Office had never done before and administrators [...]

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