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O.Baigali: Sincerity is the beginning of positive change


By B.DULGUUN  The following is an interview with violinist O.Baigali about her career. Not many people know where and how violin was created. Can you tell us about its origin? Since I’m majoring in this profession, I’m required to know many things about my instrument. We get a special curriculum to learn the history of [...]

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Movie Review: Amka and the Three Golden Rules

Amka High Rez Still 1 (Ganzorig Telmen in Amka and The Three Golden Rules)

By B.KHASH-ERDENE This review contains spoilers A disproportionately small amount of spotlight is shed onto the human aspect of Mongolia as opposed to its vast mineral riches. What really resonated with me about the film, “Amka and the Three Golden Rules” was that it managed to balance the importance of both through the brilliantly crafted [...]

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D.Batsukh: Integrated standards for the reputation and responsibility of lawyers will be set


By B.DULGUUN Some time has passed since the talk of transferring some state obligations to non-governmental organizations and private sectors began. The very first, and biggest, professional organization currently fulfilling this position is the Mongolian Lawyers Association (MLA). The following is an interview with the President of the MLA, D.Batsukh. It’s been six months since [...]

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T.Boldbaatar: Driving courses in mongolia are inadequate


By B.DULGUUN In 2013, there were 18,367 reported car accidents. According to relevant statistics, 97.2 percent of car accidents were caused by driver error. The following is an interview with the Director of the National Center of Auto Transportation, T.Boldbaatar about the condition of cars in Ulaanbaatar and the causes of traffic accidents.  Is it [...]

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B.Bolormaa: Instead of paying attention to District doctors, the ministry only thinks about higher level hospitals


By B.DULGUUN Aside from the National Center for Maternal and Children’s Health (NCMCH) and District Children’s Hospitals, there’s hardly any hospital giving care to infants and children in Mongolia. Since the Health Science University ceased doctor preparing classes in 1996, Mongolia is now limited in personnel for state children’s doctors. Unlike adults, children are unable [...]

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L.Bold: Let’s save our Mother Tongue


By B.DULGUUN  The Director of the Institute of Language and Literature of the Mongolian Academy of Science (MAS), State Honored Emeritus and academician L.Bold gave an interview about language preservation issues in Mongolia.  Recently, the media has received many criticisms for bringing up issues about the safety of the Mongolian language. What is your position [...]

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S.Ganbaatar: There can’t be a righteous society if a group of people own and plunder public wealth


By B.DULGUUN The following is an interview with MP S.Ganbaatar about present issues.   -In connection to inflation, the government increased the minimum wage and pension by thirty percent. In reality, an addition of 20 thousand MNT is barely enough. As days pass by and the purchasing capacity of citizens degrades, is it alright for [...]

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D.Renchinkhand: There’s nothing wrong with the mining industry if we do environmental restoration

Source: gogo.mn

By B.DULGUUN The following is an interview with senior miner and former Deputy Minister of Geology and Mining Industry D.Renchinkhand. He was one of the first mining engineers of Mongolia and contributed to the development of policies in the sector and assisted in establishing Mongolia’s oldest and significant mines such as Erdenet copper and molybdenum [...]

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S.Batbold: Mongolian economy can grow rapidly for the next 20 years


By B.DULGUUN The Mongolia Economic Forum was held from March 24 to 25. The following is an interview with former Prime Minister and member of the Mongolian People’s Party S.Batbold about the forum and Mongolia’s economic development. -Why was the Mongolia Economic Forum established? -There’s no place where development policies are discussed and agreed on [...]

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E.Tushig-Erdene: The judges were surprised, as it’s rare for a girl to play contrabass


By B.DULGUUN A  Mongolian female musician won the Grand Prix award at the International Music Festival in the USA. Her name is E.Tushig-Erdene, and she is a tenth grader studying at the Music and Dance College of Mongolia. E.Tushig-Erdene won the award in the contrabass category while competing at the International Music Festival for the [...]

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