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International drivers to cross 4,000 km in Rally Mongolia 2014


Trans. by M.ZOLJARGAL The annual Rally Mongolia 2014 is set to start on August 10 and continue for eight days. International racers will cross 4,000 kilometers through Govisumber, Uvurkhangai and Arkhangai provinces to complete the rally. The rally is for both automobiles and motorcycles. The rally mostly crossed Gobi areas in previous years and since [...]

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State Badminton Championship unfolds in Orkhon Province

For the 15th anniversary of the Mongolian Badminton Association, the 11th Adult State Badminton Championship will be hosted in Orkhon Province from August 9 to 11. Talented sport masters M.Zolzaya, M.Batdavaa, B.Batkhishig, B.Khuvituguldur, and J.Gerelsukh will take part in the tournament. The athletes prepared for the championship in Shangai, China, and Fukuoka, Japan. Nine-time champion [...]

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Hakuho Davaajargal leads July sumo tournament with 11 victories

Only three days are left until the July tournament of professional sumo wrestling in Japan, Nagoya basho, concludes. After the 12th day of the 15-day tournament, on July 24, Mongolian Yokozuna (Grand Champion) Hakuho M.Davaajargal secured his lead in the tournament with 11 victories after beating Ozeki (second highest rank) Kotoshyoogiku. Yokozuna Hakuho lost to [...]

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Mongolian youth basketball team wins bronze at Continental Cup

Sagschid Muugii

Trans. by D.SERGELEN Mongolia’s top youth basketball team won a bronze medal at the Continental Cup-2014, which is hosted every year in Cleveland, USA. Over 3,200 athletes of 228 teams of 10 countries participated in this year’s completion. Some 64 athletes of Mongolia competed in age categories of 13, 16 and 18 in five teams. [...]

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Mongolian Steppe International Marathon takes place in Tuv Province

marafon hartsaga6

Trans. by D.SERGELEN The 18th Mongolian Steppe International Marathon was held on July 20 in Tuv Province. Over 550 athletes competed in this year’s marathon from Japan, China, Russia, South Korea and other countries. Approximately 60 athletes were from Japan. In addition, specialized soldiers of the Mongolian Military Force participated in this year’s competition. Traditionally, [...]

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Hummer Trophy 2014 tours 2,600 km


The Mongolian Hummer Club set off on July 14 to tour 2,600 kilometers following the path of the Battles of Khalkhiin Gol. The group returned on Sunday, finishing the fifth annual sport tour Hummer Trophy. Hummer drivers toured famous landmarks such as the Khalkha River, Menen Steppe – a 90 km long and 60 km [...]

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2014 State Amateur Doubles Tennis Championship challenges 52 athletes

za c ya

By B.ULZIINEMEKH The 2014 State Amateur Doubles Tennis Championships took place at the new tennis court in the National Garden for two day starting July 8, bringing together 52 amateur tennis players – both locals and expats. The athletes competed in men’s and women’s doubles divisions and member of the UB International Tennis Club Yannick [...]

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FC Deren Sumida shows unprecedented success at Gothia Cup


By M.ZOLJARGAL Two Mongolian teams of FC Deren Sumida competed in the boy’s 12 (age) and boy’s 16 divisions at the largest international youth football tournament in the world, the Gothia Cup, last week in Gothenburg, Sweden. The tournament finished on Saturday with a record performance by Mongolian teams. FC Deren Sumida, which competed in [...]

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N.Tugstsogt seizes bronze medal at Kazakhstan President’s Cup International Boxing Tournament


Trans. by B.TUNGALAG Mongolian State Honored Athlete and Olympic silver medalist in boxing N.Tugstsogt captured a bronze medal at the fourth Kazakhstan President’s Cup International Boxing Tournament, which took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from July 8 to 13. After defeating opponents in the first two rounds, N.Tugstsogt competed against Zhanbolat Tilegenuly, a boxer from Kazakhstan, [...]

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A.Sukhbat and G.Usukhbayar named ‘Undefeatable Giant of Nation’

avarga hartsaga2

Trans. by B.TUNGALAG A.Sukhbat and G.Usukhbayar, both holders of the Wide Giant of Nation wrestling title, received the highest ranking title for Mongolian wrestlers, Undefeatable Giant of Nation. Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj granted the title to A.Sukhbat and G.Usukhbayar on July 7. After the ceremony, the Mongolian President said, “Congratulations to the two Undefeatable Giants of [...]

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