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Future speed skating champions train at the Chinggis Square


By B.ODONTUYA  If you have seen and wondered why there are so many children at Chinggis Square practicing roller skating, they are the young athletes of the Central Sports Palace. Shuud.mn spoke with coach A.Bold and his students about their training. Please introduce yourself. Your students have been training at the Chinggis Square quite a [...]

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State Fencing Championship concludes


By B.TUNGALAG The Mongolian Fencing Association organized the State Fencing Championship on April 18 and 19 at Futsal Palace. Over 80 fencers from five clubs took part in the championship. Khangarid Club’s B.Batkhuu won gold in the men’s category. He was followed by Ts.Jigjidsuren, E.Dulguun and E.Enkhdelger. Three-time state champion and Mongolia’s first gold medalist [...]

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Darts players claim historic success at international tour


By M.ZOLJARGAL A Mongolian team of 12 darts players returned to Ulaanbaatar on Friday after winning six medals at the 11th Asian Darts Association (ADA) International Tour 2015 in Hong Kong. It was a historical achievement in Mongolian darts and the team held a press conference immediately after their return to announce and celebrate their [...]

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D.Budjargal to take part in Self-Transcendence Six and Ten-Day Race


By B.BAATAR Mongolian runner and mountaineer D.Budjargal will participate in the annual Self-Transcendence Six and Ten-Day Races, which will take place from April 19 to 29 in Queens, New York. D.Budjargal has been training in running for 19 years and is the top Mongolian athlete in extreme marathons. He won State 24-hour Run Championships 2011, [...]

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Winners of State Volleyball Championships announced


By E.Khishigjargal The State Junior Volleyball Championships concluded on April 11, with the boys’ team from Umnugovi Province and the girls’ team from Bayankhongor Province winning the championships. The event, organized by the Mongolian Volleyball Federation in Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Center, involved 16 of the top teams from the eastern, western, central, and Khangai regions of [...]

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O.Gundegmaa claims Olympic berth at ISSF World Cup 2015


By B.TUNGALAG The ISSF World Cup is taking place in Changwon, South Korea from April 8 to 15. 2008 Olympic silver medalist, State Honored Athlete and Labor Hero O.Gundegmaa of Mongolia won a gold medal in the women’s 25 m pistol event on April 10. She was followed by Chinese shooter Lin Yuemei. Seventy athletes [...]

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State Junior Volleyball Championship starts

volebol hartsaga (4)

By B.TUNGALAG The State Adult Volleyball Championship started on April 4. Teams that will take part in the quarterfinal were selected on the opening day. The teams won rights to compete in the Fifth Children’s Sports Festival. The semi-final and final matches of the tournament will be held on April 10 and 11. The following [...]

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Mongolian memory champions awarded


By B.TUNGALAG State memory champions were announced on April 2. The Mongolian Memory Championship was held in two stages. The preliminary stage of the Mongolian Memory Championship 2015 took place on March 20 at the Mongolia-Japan Center. A total of 120 memory athletes competed in 10 categories, such as speed cards, names and faces, numbers [...]

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Amateur bowling champions of media sector awarded


By M.ZOLJARGAL The first of the Coca Cola Zero Bowling Championship Series 2015 took place on Saturday among media companies, featuring 10 teams, at Big Bowling Center. This month, Tavan Tsagarig, Undesnii Shuudan, Zuunii Medee, Zasgiin Gazriin Medee newspapers, TV9, MNC, NTV, Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB), ETV television channels, and Mass Media news website competed [...]

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Mongolia loses AFC U-23 qualification tournament


By B.TUNGALAG The 2016 AFC U-23 Championship, an international youth football tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), will be hosted in Qatar, from January 12 to 30, 2016. The qualification tournament for the AFC U-23 Championship took place in several Asian countries from March 23 to 31. A total of 43 teams entered [...]

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