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Coca-Cola Zero 2014 bowling competition concludes

bowling hartsgaa (3)

By B.TUNGALAG The Mongolian Bowling Amateurs Association and MCS Coca Cola LLC has held the fifth Coca-Cola Zero Championship bowling competition from January 2014 among professional teams of bowling clubs. The final stage of the competition concluded on December 14. 1,200 bowlers from 200 teams competed in the competition. The top 28 teams selected from [...]

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Kh.Enkh-Amar receives lifetime ban from amateur boxing


By M.ZOLJARGAL The professional board of the Mongolian Olympic Boxing Federation’s (MOBF) meeting ended with several striking decisions last week. Three members of the Women’s National Boxing  Team, M.Nandin-Erdene, E.Uyanga and O.Suvd-Erdene, were temporarily dismissed from the team, following their disrespect and mistreatment of their coach B.Enkhtaivan. The National Women’s Team is now dismantled as [...]

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State Ice Climbing Championship takes place


By B.TUNGALAG PETZL Mongolia 2014 State Ice Climbing Championship took place on December 6 and 7 at the frozen Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall in Uvurkhangai Province. A total of 85 professional climbers competed for 36 packages of medals. Around 60 amateurs also participated in amateurs’ category of the championship. Ajnai Extreme Sports Club’s team won gold, [...]

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UK hosts Mongolian national wrestling competition


By B.BAATAR Initiated by Mongolian national wrestling amateurs in Great Britain, Mongolia’s Embassy in UK and Mongolians in UK jointly held a Mongolian national wrestling competition among Mongolians in UK on November 30. The aim of the competition was to promote Mongolian national wrestling and improve the skills of young wrestlers. The competition is expected [...]

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Mongolian judokas bring home four medals from Grand Prix Jeju 2014


By M.ZOLJARGAL Mongolia stood at sixth in the medal tally on the last day of the International Judo Federation (IJF) Grand Prix Jeju 2014 on Saturday, out of 42 participating countries. Mongolia won one silver, and three bronze medals. Mongolian judo teams comprised of 13 male and five female judokas. Mongolian judoka, Asian Games 2014 [...]

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Mongolians in South Korea organize chess competition


By B.BAATAR On the occasion of the 852nd birthday of Chinggis Khaan and National Pride Day, the Embassy of Mongolia to South Korea and Sky+ Chess Crew (established by Mongolians in Japan) organized a chess competition in South Korea, on November 23. Chess players from ages 10 to 50 competed in the competition. Player D.Barsaa [...]

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Hakuho becomes first foreign wrestler to repeat sumo record for most tournament wins


By B.TUNGALAG Grand Champion of Japanese professional sumo wrestling Hakuho M.Davaajargal of Mongolia repeated the record set by legendary Japanese Grand Champion Taiho after winning his 32nd tournament on November 23. Hakuho gained 32 career titles within eight years, while Taiho did it in 11 years. Grand Champion M.Davaajargal stood with tears in his eyes [...]

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Mongolian female wrestlers seize medals from Open Cup Russia


By B.TUNGALAG Mongolian freestyle wrestler International Sports Master S.Byambatseren won a gold medal in the 58 kg category at Open Cup Russia international women’s freestyle wrestling tournament, which took place in Novocheboksarsk, Russia, on November 14 and 15. International Sports Master A.Battsetseg won a bronze medal in the 53 kg category. Five wrestlers represented Mongolia [...]

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Mongolian basketball teams have their first loss at Asian Beach Games


By M.ZOLJARGAL The Mongolian women’s basketball team lost its first match against China on Saturday. The men’s team played against the Thai team, ending with a Thai victory. The women’s team is playing in the same division as China, the Philippines and India, while the men’s team is up against Thailand, Butan, China, India and [...]

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Mongolia starts Asian Beach Games with four medals


By B.TUNGALAG Mongolia is leading the medal tally at the 4th Asian Beach Games, which is being held in Phuket, Thailand. So far Mongolia has won five gold and one bronze medal. The official opening of the Asian Beach Games has not taken place, but beach sambo and jiu-jitsu tournaments have started on November 12. [...]

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