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The applied science of Mongolia’s traditional medicine

Tibetan medicine 2

By Nomin Galsandorj   Mongolian traditional medicine was founded thousands of years ago. Mongolians mastered the traditions of Buddhism’s “Ten Sciences”, and with the seed of Tibetan culture planted in the soil of nomadic traditions, created a wealth of national intellectual heritage, one of which is the science of Mongolian traditional medicine. The third wave [...]

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DP brings out its hidden hand

ардчилсан нам

Trans. by B.DULGUUN Procedures of the three months prior to the election may be modified, as Deputy Head of the Democratic Party (DP) Sh.Tuvdendorj has initiated amendments to the Election Law and Parliament’s resolution on the establishment of electoral districts, district nominations, territory, and election centers. Cabinet members reviewed the resolution during last Monday’s regular [...]

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ASEM’s significance to Mongolia


Trans. by B.DULGUUN Ulaanbaatar will host the 11th ASEM Summit of Heads of State and Government (ASEM11) this summer. The preparation work for the summit and issues surrounding it have made headlines recently in local media. The talk of banning rural area residents from entering Ulaanbaatar during ASEM11 has sparked outrage among social media users, [...]

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Unscheduled dividends from digital development


The three million-strong Mongolians today are using almost five million cellphones, and one million of these people have regular access to the Internet. Mongolia has 165 cellphones per 100 people and ranks fifth in the world after Hong Kong (240), the United Arab Emirates (204), Montenegro (178), and Saudi Arabia (169) in cellphone use. Are [...]

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Taking a closer look at the case of J.Amarsanaa

Tsets  muugii ---

By M.OYUNGEREL The cancellation of economist D.Jargalsaikhan’s television program on Mongoliin Medee, following his interview with former head of the Constitutional Court J.Amarsanaa, triggered my interest in seeking out the truth behind the varying allegations leading to J.Amarsanaa’s recent dismissal. D.Jargalsaikhan, commonly known as “Jargal De Facto”, has hosted televised interviews on NTV, Mongolian National [...]

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Corruption will not be diminished in Mongolia until 2020


In 2015, Mongolia had a score of 39 out of 100 on the corruption index published by Transparency International, and was ranked 72nd among 168 countries. Our southern neighbor was in 84th place with a score of 37, whereas our neighbor to the north scored 29 and was ranked 119th. Denmark scored highest with 91 [...]

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Flood-affected Ulaanbaatar residents call for the Mayor’s support


Trans. by B.DULGUUN It was reported that families in the 21st khoroo of Bayanzurkh District have become affected by water flooding from nearby Dambadarjaa Spring. Residents and the media have called for the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar to pay attention to this issue and assist affected families. Around 40 families spent the winter near Dambadarjaa Spring [...]

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Be a better man


In the summer of 2012, just after Naadam, I had the opportunity to meet an extraordinary Thai person. It was Vikrom Kromadit, who was about to leave Mongolia after traveling the country for more than a month with his team shooting a documentary on Mongolia’s nature and society. He owns an industrial park in Chonburi [...]

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Who should you vote for?

From left; Speaker of Parliament Z.Enkhbold, President Ts.Elbegdorj, and Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg

By B.KHASH-ERDENE First of all, I hope our readers had a very festive Tsagaan Sar. Now that all the hustle and bustle of Tsagaan Sar is over, the public’s attention will surely shift back to the upcoming elections. Political parties are preparing for the elections by forming alliances and merging. Before Tsagaan Sar, the Democratic [...]

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Let’s fight cancer together

By B.DULGUUN Just a week ago, Mongolia observed World Cancer Day for the ninth year, to join the rest of the world in the fight against cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Currently, 8.2 million people die from cancer every year, and more than half of them die between the [...]

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