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Taxpayers thrown under the bus for Metro Map Project trial

Trans. by B.DULGUUN Residents in the capital are very unhappy with the ten-day Metro Map Project, public transportation system experiment for reforming and improving services, organized from August 22 to 31. An estimated 1.3 million MNT from the city budget and 1.8 million MNT from the private sector was issued for the trial program. The [...]

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Seeing the moonlight from a waterfront pavilion


President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China, the second largest economy in the world and Mongolia’s biggest trade partner and investor, paid a two-day visit to Mongolia. The visit was broadly reported by media around the world. During this visit, dozens of agreements and memorandums between Mongolia and China were signed in areas [...]

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Moving Mongolia forward – and why INS?


The Institute of National Strategy Series: Article 1, 2014 A group of men were enjoying the midday sunshine and each other’s company. They were rivals and friends – who drank and played together. This day, they were enjoying their vodka and telling stories, and planning the future for themselves and their families. A sheep was [...]

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Infant mortality and Mongolian population growth

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Trans. by D.SERGELEN Today we are glad that the Mongolian population is growing. But in reality, maternity hospitals can’t handle today’s overcrowding. Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj appealed for an increase in the population, and the health sector and special inspections officials appreciated his speech. But it is unclear if the officials promoted the President’s idea at [...]

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Trans. by D.SERGELEN A small war often rises up between UB parents at this time of year. When registration for kindergartens begins, quarrels, arguments and lines outside of popular kindergartens become an ordinary occurrence, but residents and the press don’t pay much attention to it. The kindergartens in Ulaanbaatar started registering previous year enrollees two [...]

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There is no monitoring of long distance transportation


Trans. by B.TUNGALAG Do you believe that just ten years ago, 30 people would crowd into a van and drive for over one thousand kilometers? You probably would not believe it if you didn’t see it yourself. Around ten years ago, vans were the only option for long distance transportation. Then, drivers charged whatever they [...]

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Administration litigation wastes the public budget

Occasionally, we wonder if laws and regulations were approved to be violated. Especially when gentlemen working in state management positions violate laws so well and the cost of their violations are covered by the state budget. Just recently, a person who was discussing judicial reform emphasized that most judicial reviews of administrative affairs are suits [...]

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Are we more #disconnected than #connected?

On a Friday afternoon in October 2011, Sharon Seline exchanged texts with her daughter, who was in college. They “chatted” about how things were going, and her daughter replied with positive remarks followed by emoticons, smiles, and hearts. Later that night, her daughter tried to kill herself. In the following days, it became evident that [...]

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1000 miles across the west

Every summer, residents of Ulaanbaatar head for countryside, to pay homage to their fatherlands. Mongolians usually travel with their family and friends. I travelled with my friend’s family to the west from July 28th to August 5th. Just before the sunrise, our small team got into our car for a trip that we don’t know [...]

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Residents forced to give up land for UB road project

The expansion of a 4.6 kilometer road from Revolutionists’ Street (Khuvisgalchidiin Gudamj) to the new terminus of Zuragt and the Bayankhoshuu intersection is currently delayed due to residents’ reluctance to vacate their lands. In May, Express Zam began the expansion of the previously seven meter wide road to a fourteen meter wide road with 2.5 [...]

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