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Corruption-restraining capital market

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Since signing a memorandum of understanding with the government, Mongol Bank has printed approximately 3.5 trillion MNT in three years, and injected the money into the economy through commercial banks under many different programs. This amount of money, which equals 75 percent of Mongolia’s budget revenue, has gone to banks with an interest rate almost [...]

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Could real estate be the next emerging sector for investment?

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Trans. by B.DULGUUN Mongolia is described as one of the most exciting investment prospects for the year ahead by foreign investment agencies, as it continues to hold strong GDP growth despite suffering economic difficulties in the last few years. Particularly, the real estate sector has become a “hotspot” for foreign investors, as the sector is [...]

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Is another city needed?


By M.OYUNGEREL As we all know, the new city of Maidar, is being built south of Bogd-Khan Mountain, in Sergelen soum, Tuv Province. Maidar, or “Future City”, is going to be an eco-city with minimal primary energy consumption and maximum awareness of sustainable development. The construction of the city is expected to finish in 2024, [...]

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Problems with draft law on labor

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Minister of Labor S.Chinzorig submitted a revised draft law on labor to Parliament last week. He gave an interview shortly afterwards to clarify why a revision was required and providing details on the new law. What stuck out to me in the Minister’s interview was how the new law on labor gives the [...]

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Debt-indulging money market

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Just until recently, when the new century began, Mongolia was unable to acquire any loans from international capital markets. It was a time when we did not hold any currency in our hands, but had natural wealth buried underground. Foreign countries used to send us food and provided funds to fix our plants and buy [...]

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The rich don’t understand the suffering of the poor

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- Conceding will turn the energy sector’s loss to profit – Trans. by B.DULGUUN What are our daily needs dependent on? Obviously, we need food and water to survive, buses for transportation, and cellphones for keeping in touch with others. However, there’s one essential thing that all our daily needs are dependent on: energy. Although [...]

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Uguudei bond

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During an impromptu session on May 28, the government made a decision to issue bonds worth one billion USD on the international capital market. Although the previous government issued the Chinggis bonds worth 1.5 billion USD three years ago, they had not decided how to spend it. As a result, the previous government did not [...]

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Strengthening the Resiliency of Herders Facing Climate Change: The Case for Drought-Resistant Fodder

By Peter Bittner and Katie Niemeyer In 2013, local experts projected that due to climate change Mongolia will become increasingly dry and hot in the summer and experience greater snowfall in the winter. Owing to shifting climatic patterns, rates of soil erosion are expected to rise and droughts to become longer and more frequent. What [...]

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Sinking in sewage, but talking about ASEM

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The authorities, especially those of the capital city, have toyed with the lives of Ulaanbaatar residents for many years. Those who were mayors of the city during transitional years were always appointed by political parties rather than being elected by the people. Wearing the masks of political parties, they and their henchmen have been stealing [...]

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Mongolian coking coal may heat up

By Paulius Kuncinas Regional Editor, Oxford Business Group A shift by Chinese buyers away from foreign suppliers to Mongolian coking coal, combined with increased optimism over a return of foreign investors, may offset the sharp global downturn in both demand for commodities and in coal prices, though it will be some time before the effects of [...]

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