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Mongolia’s abstract budget and the IMF

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The public budget is a mirror that reflects how well a government is running the country. It has been 15 years since the capabilities of Mongolian governments were weakened due to unqualified individuals sneaking into the government and repeatedly making significant changes to an approved budget using the fancy word “amendment”. Led by their greed [...]

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Men born with debt

Soldiers marching

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Last week I received my military draft notice. And to make things perfectly clear, I did not enlist in the military, nor do I have any desire to “serve” my country in this particular capacity. Draft notices are sent to every able-bodied man over the age of 18 in Mongolia every year, as [...]

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By J.K.Bayasakh Trans. by M.Bolormaa Two years ago, during a joint seminar at Inha University on the territorial disputes East Asia we touched on this topic. I delivered a paper titled “Territorial dispute over East Asia” and mentioned that the territorial dispute between the PRC and Japan will be a big problem in the future [...]

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Aspiration and desperation for becoming Saudi Arabia

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The annual Coal Mongolia conference took place in Ulaanbaatar on April 9-10, 2015. Although the conference was not as large as the ones in previous years and did not have as many participants, the general ambiance of the conference expressed the reality and outlook of Mongolia’s coal sector as accurately as possible. During the conference, [...]

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Tavan Tolgoi cash scattered in the wind

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Trans. by E.Khishigjargal The law on the Human Development Fund, passed by the government in 2009, authorized the establishment of a national company to hold state-owned shares of strategic reserves and evenly distribute dividends among citizens. According to this, all companies holding state-owned shares of strategic reserves were merged to create Erdenes MGL, now Erdenes [...]

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Eliminating sheep and goat plague by 2030

By Jose Graziano da Silva, Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Bernard Vallat, Director-General, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) It is something extraordinary when a disease is eradicated from the face of the earth, as great a human accomplishment as inventing the internet or putting a man on the moon. [...]

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The state’s temporary employees cause long term problems


Trans. by B.NARANTUYA What does the word temporary really mean? We know this word to mean not permanent, or to last for only a limited period of time. However, when people are temporarily appointed for civil service positions, it seems like they stay there forever. When N.Altankhuyag was the prime minister, the government was full [...]

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Road to success

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In the 1990s, when Mongolia was just starting its transition to a market economy, a group of our friends used to study a great deal about stories and the history of Japan’s most famous companies, including Kyocera Corporation and its founder Kazuo Inamori. We read his book “Passion for Success” many times and one of [...]

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Democratic Party without democracy

AN 25 jiliin oin hural muugii +

Trans. by E.KHISHIGJARGAL There are no parties without scuffles, says the Democratic Party. They spent their 25th anniversary “protecting democracy” by kicking out the party’s youngsters and ripping up their protest signs. MP M.Batchimeg declared that the Democratic Party (DP) has a structure within the party similar to that of the pre 1990s Mongolian People’s [...]

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By E.Khishigjargal One of Mongolia’s favorite subjects for debate is building its own oil refinery. When it comes down to the business of making that dream a reality, problems, such as location, always come up. Whenever there is talk of building an oil refinery, everyone calls for “doing it quickly”, but ends up saying the [...]

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