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Mongolia’s democracy needs updating


By E.OYUNDARI The 25th anniversary of Mongolia’s first free, democratic parliamentary election is being celebrated widely in Mongolia. On July 29, 1990, Mongolian people gave votes to the candidates they considered to be the right people to rule the state in the right way. In the second half of the last century, Mongolians knew what [...]

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Mongolia awaits economic rebound in 2016

By Paulius Kuncinas Regional Editor, Oxford Business Group The current drive in Mongolia to promote growth and foreign investment appears likely to yield results, as a key breakthrough in a long-running dispute over the expansion of a mine will help act as a stimulus for a 10-year, one billion USD sovereign issue in the coming months. [...]

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On the road from good neighbors to good partners

Jargal DeFacto_Poster Name card (1)-1

The natural resources buried underground are a great asset for Mongolia. Another asset that does not come second in terms of its importance is our geographical location. We have always talked about many mega projects and plans, and made efforts for the last 10 years to become a bridge that links not only our two [...]

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80 percent of crops dead, 150 billion MNT buried in the ground

By B.Khash-Erdene Approximately 80 percent of Mongolia’s crops have died this summer due to extreme drought across the country, according to board member of the Mongolian Plantation Union B.Erdenebat. Though the situation has reached a critical level, the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture has yet to take action, let alone announce to the public what [...]

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Mongolian Facebook users start #ХогBucketChallenge campaign

Six-year-old Tengis

By E.OYUNDARI Mongolian Facebook users started the #ХогBucketChallenge (trash bucket challenge) nationwide, at the same time as the beginning of the Naadam holiday. The rule is, three people who were called on by a challenger should collect three bags of waste in any location of Mongolia within three days, and should call on the next [...]

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Fake parking stickers create confusion during Naadam


By Ch.KHALUN Parking stickers that were ready for distribution on July 8 were in high demand since their release. Those who couldn’t purchase a sticker fr.om reliable organizations bought fake parking stickers from unreliable sources on the internet, which led to problems at Naadam events. Police confiscated the vehicle documents and parking stickers of drivers [...]

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Ulaanbaatarians: Ice skaters in winter, long jumpers in summer

UB 20 min boroonoor uer usand avtav 2015.07 sar hartsaga1 --- (8)

By M.OYUNGEREL Households were flooded and roads were closed after rain that lasted half an hour on Monday. The city center turned into a swimming pool due to the lack of storm drains and overflowing pipes. There’s a 100 kilometer tunnel system for cleaning rainwater, and yet, it overflows quickly in heavy rain. People of [...]

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From London to Ulaanbaatar

By JULIAN GREEN Buddhist scripture tells how Siddhartha Gautama saw an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and a holy man as he ventured outside his palace walls for the first time before going on to seek a life of spirituality. I instead saw a bird lie dead on the street, a stray dog [...]

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Naadam not touched by recession

By B.KHASH-ERDENE Despite all the talk about the looming economic recession this year, Mongolians have been travelling and celebrating more lavishly than ever this year. This year’s Naadam has been more exuberant, exciting, and much better organized than any we have seen before, with a budget of 2.7 billion MNT compared to last year’s 2.2 [...]

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Blending In: A Naadam in San Francisco


By Caleb Plakun When I moved to San Francisco a couple months ago, my uncle told me how “the city”, as he called it (San Franciscans, like UB-ites, hold their city in singularly high regard, and are apparently unable to imagine any other burg as worthy of the title “city”.), is in fact, a series [...]

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