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Riverside Construction is depleting UB’s fresh water reserve


Trans. by B.Erdenesuvd Each day, every eight seconds, a child somewhere in the world dies from drinking contaminated water. Today, 2.3 billion people out of seven billion people on earth live in water-stressed areas, according to U.N. estimates, and over one billion people are left using contaminated water for consumption. Every day, 400 million people [...]

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On the road to the new Eldorado

The future of the country reads opencast, inside the gigantic Oyu Tolgoi Copper mines digging in the Gobi.

By Amelie ESCHENBRENNER The steppe that could be as rich as Dubai Mongolia sits on vast raw material resources; each resident is theoretically a millionaire. So why can we still see thousands of gers and small houses built hurriedly, clumped together on the slopes rising above the capital, where about 60 percent of the 1.2 [...]

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Balanced overlap


The Concept of Mongolia’s Foreign Policy states, “Maintaining friendly relations with the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China shall be priority directions of Mongolia’s foreign policy activity… The second direction of Mongolia’s foreign policy activity shall be developing friendly relations with highly developed countries of the West and the East such as the [...]

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Encouraging mining FDI in Mongolia

By Paulius Kuncinas Regional Editor, Oxford Business Group Changes to Mongolia’s mining legislation will open up vast new tracts of land for exploration and pave the way for new license issuances. This should help restore the confidence of foreign investors made wary by government intervention in the sector. On July 1, the Mongolian parliament voted to [...]

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Youth: Today’s Best Investment


By Naomi Kitahara UNFPA representative As Mongolia celebrated Naadam on July 11th, the global community celebrated World Population Day, this year dedicated to the theme of “Investing in Youth.” Over 25 percent of the world’s population is between the ages of 15 and 25: the largest youth population in history. For Mongolia, nearly 50 percent [...]

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Naadam: A history of pride


By Mathilde Michaud Before you arrive in Mongolia for the first time, you picture it as Western history books have described it: Chinggis Khan’s empire abundant with men on horses, living in gers and ready for conquest. But the real Ulaanbaatar will leave you surprised. The city has a completely different feel from popular imaginings. [...]

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Phantom political parties

Phantom political parties are wandering around in Mongolia. Political parties are supposed to be an essential constituent of democracy by participating in elections, taking part in the lawmaking process and mobilizing people to achieve long-term common goals. While being a major vehicle to involvement in politics, political parties provide people with an opportunity to make [...]

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Mongolian capitalism: cultural battles


By James Watkins Economics student, Harvard University  A decade and a half of free market economics has transformed Mongolia. The country has undergone two transformations: an economic transformation from a planned, communist economy to the free market, and a socio-cultural transformation of urbanization from its distinct rural, nomadic culture. But these transitions have not been [...]

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New options for cell phone number ownership

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Trans. by L.NANDINTSETSEG Phone numbers which start with a 9911 prefix cost 15 million MNT, even if the number’s last four digits are not “lucky” numbers. Cell phone number sellers say that these numbers could be even more expensive, however they are very marketable. Many businessmen buy such numbers to phone officials, which will help [...]

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Does family business need good governance?


According to a 2011 census, there were almost 90,000 entities registered in Mongolia, 60 percent of which are now actively operating and account for 75 percent of GDP, as well as 70 percent of the workforce. If we assume that most companies are owned by one family and the rest are owned by two or [...]

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