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Housing mess


A total of 190,000 households are living in ger districts currently. Providing ger district households with apartments is not only a matter of housing but also a big challenge for Mongolia’s development. It also goes without saying that housing will be instrumental in getting rid of air pollution in Ulaanbaatar. Furthermore, it is hard to [...]

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Productivity is the way out


In 2013, Mongolia’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 11.3 percent to reach 17 trillion MNT. However, the average income of Mongolians did not increase significantly because the cost of living rose 10.3 percent in the same year. It allowed the purchasing power of people to increase by only one percent. Furthermore, our economy, which [...]

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Geothermal Energy and Mongolia


By Paul Sullivan,  Georgetown University The earth gets more amazing the more one learns about it. For example, the earth is a massive source of heat. That heat is partially from the left over heat from its creation. Now, isn’t that amazing? Most of it, about 80 percent, is from radioactive decay of isotopes of [...]

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Let us kick-start our coal policy


The 4th global coking coal summit was held in Taiyuan (Shanxi Province, China) last week. Besides coal mining enterprises, the summit was attended by coal, iron, and steel industry associations, buyers, suppliers, research institutions, and delegates from international stock exchanges. It is clear that this summit would help Mongolia to accurately align its coal policy [...]

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Mongolia eyes wind energy potential


By Paulius Kuncinas Regional Editor, Oxford Business Group With demand for electricity on the rise, and a national drive to boost renewable power production gathering strength, investor interest in Mongolia’s fledgling wind energy industry looks set to grow. The government aims for renewable sources to account for at least 20 percent of power generation capacity [...]

March 27th, 2014 | Posted in Opinion | Read More »

Buddhism for Beginners


By SANDRA BLOEMKER  The Buddhist sights in UB and my first encounters with Yellow Hat Buddhism  Most Germans have a positive attitude towards Buddhism. They associate it with the Dalai Lama, a friendly, elderly man who sometimes holds lectures (like in Frankfurt on May 14), and presents Chancellor Angela Merkel with silk scarves on TV. [...]

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The Lag and Lead of Energy Investing

By Paul Sullivan, Georgetown University Investing in energy systems takes a lot of time and a lot of money. Planning is required to do this right for a country, for a company and for a community. If one waits until the lights go out, the petrol is not in the stations, the houses are cold, [...]

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Water is our unvalued treasure


We do not attach any specific value to water because there is plenty of it today. However, one cannot even spend 24 hours without it. Any person who is dying of thirst in a desert will be willing to give up whatever valuables they have in exchange for a single cup of water. What should [...]

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Renter’s woes


By U.ARIUNJARGAL Generally, students and young single people have some of the same troubles in the real world. Leaving the nest can be a difficult experience. My major was in journalism, and after graduating from university, I was able to find a new job. I lived with a distant relative, he had a Mongolian style [...]

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Rainfall affected when Mongolians went to war

zolood hartsaga

By B.DULGUUN Scientists from the U.S. reported that they found the reason why soldiers and descendents of Chinggis Khaan were able to conquer half of the world, not to mention Russia as well. Rain helped Mongolians. Specifically, the fact that grass was able to grow well with lots of rain affected their success, as it [...]

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