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Mongolia moves towards smarter, healthier ICT use


By Paulius Kuncinas Regional Editor, Oxford Business Group Backed by international support, Mongolia is rolling out advanced ICT programmes to support the provision of government services, improving accountability and access to data. On June 18, Mongolia’s minister of finance, J.Erdenebat, signed more than 63 million USD worth of credit agreements with the World Bank to fund [...]

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Mongolia caught in a debt trap

Jargal DeFacto_Poster Name card (1)-1

Jubilee Debt Campaign, an organization that strives for breaking the chains of debt, published an interesting report last month. They named nine countries (Bhutan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda) that have become fully dependent on external debt, and emphasized that the gap between the rich and the poor in these [...]

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Where does price meet quality in Mongolian education?


By M.OYUNGEREL While college students protest about their increased tuition fee of three million MNT, private high school tuition fees has reached 50 million MNT. As a lifetime investment, paying 50 million MNT for a high quality education is worth it, but if you consider the living costs in Mongolia, three million MNT is too [...]

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Can four Mongolian universities make the world’s top 100 by 2024?


By M.OYUNGEREL When I heard that Mongolia’s education policy for this decade included aims to transform four Mongolian universities to become ranked among the top 100 in the world, I was speechless. The government doesn’t plan to fund universities, but it expects them to reach the top 100 on their own. Our policy makers don’t [...]

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The strength of ties between India and Mongolia

By Saikat Kumar Basu Alberta, Canada India and Mongolia have been connected through historic, social and cultural linkages and through their Buddhist lineage. Buddhism reached the Mongolian heartlands from India through Tibet, and the Mughal dynasty ruling Indian subcontinent had Mongolian ancestry. Unfortunately, India has been deeply engaged in the past in domestic politics and [...]

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Support for Mongolia’s unemployed


By O.SHURENTSETSEG Unemployment is the state of not working. Unemployed people cannot earm money to meet their own needs and they expect support from the government. The Human Development Fund has been distributing 21,000MNT and food stamps for quite some time. This welfare policy increases the mentality of “ready money” and reduces the incentive for [...]

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Potemkin villages

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In 1787, the Russian Empress Catherine II embarked on a long journey from Saint Petersburg to see the city of Novorossiysk in the Crimean Peninsula, which had been taken over from the Ottoman Empire. The empress was accompanied by her court and foreign ambassadors who wanted to see life in the Russian countryside. In order [...]

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Inevitable Democratic Revolution


  By Batbayar “Baabar” Bat-Erdene Trans.by Dr. Altangerel Alimaa, @altanalim B.Batbayar, better known as Baabar, is a well respected columnist and political commentator in Mongolia. He is one of the founding members of the democratic movement, and later, the Democratic Party of Mongolia. Baabar received the state’s highest honor for his work in Mongolian history. [...]

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Time to improve our forgotten museums


Translated by E.Dari Even though the museum door is open, it is really cold inside. When one speaks a little louder, voices echo against empty walls. During the summer our museums are almost empty, aside from a few tourists followed by a tour guide. Museum staff learn about the current standards for museums by attending [...]

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Perplexed passengers roaming the city

autobus --- (5)

By B.DULGUUN New bus routes are confusing passengers from young to old at UB bus stops. Questions like, “Is this bus headed to Tengis Cinema?”, “Will it go to Bumbugur Trade Center?”, and “Driver, are you going to Chinggis Square?” can be heard a few dozen times at each bus stop. The Ulaanbaatar Public Transport [...]

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