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Artificial prices are the primary cause of decline

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Mongolia’s economy has been in decline for almost 20 consecutive years. Despite the unique names they select for themselves, the governments we have had so far have failed to reduce currency depreciation, unemployment, and poverty. Although Mongolians attempt to accumulate money and wealth, our real income has not seen any increase because the savings rates [...]

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20 years of proposed development solutions and still no results


Trans. by B.DULGUUN Many things can be done in 20 years, yet Mongolia still hasn’t created solutions for development plans that were first initiated 20 years ago. Will these development plans continue to wait for resolution or can they move forward from the discussion stage? Hydroelectric power plants Mongolia has constantly faced shortages of electricity. [...]

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Privatization of public hospital management to become reality

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Trans. by E.Khishigjargal The health sector has seen a decline in the last twenty years. Under the central government, health policy and the medical services of public hospitals have hit an all-time low, while doctors fail to fulfill their oaths for the sake of money. The way out of this situation is privatization. Sixteen years [...]

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The true cost of legislation

State Great Khural

Trans by B.NARANTUYA According to a 2008 resolution from the State Great Khural on its law formulation project, 10 million MNT is allocated to each member of Parliament each year to develop new legislation. Five million MNT is allotted to members for business trips, which are supposed to provide an opportunity for them to share [...]

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Secret to German quality

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There is no need to doubt the quality and value of any product that is labeled as ‘Made in Germany’. German products, whether they are cars, equipment, medicine, or services, might have varying prices, but the one thing they have in common is that customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. Such quality is established and maintained [...]

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Let’s cultivate instead of dig

Zolood Muugi (6)

Trans. by B.DULGUUN Globally, for many years, Mongolia has been reported as a country with no other assets apart from its underground resources. Now that every resource that Mongolia digs up from mines has been evaluated and said to be nearly on the verge of exhaustion, many are curious to find the next source of [...]

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Even a bird comes down to earth

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When I worked as a deputy director for Juulchin Company, I used to attend ITB Berlin, a tourism trade fair. Twenty years later, as I entered the familiar grounds of ITB Berlin, I noticed a huge, 15-panel Mongolian ger that would not escape one’s attention. Also, it appeared that the exterior walls of the fair’s [...]

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B.Byambasaikhan: Government should help business not hinder it

By INS INS interviewed Byambasaikhan, CEO of Erdenes Mongol. There are not many examples around the world where governments have successfully led non-service related businesses profitably and have been identified as “leaders in class”.  In the mining sector, the keys to success are to have a high quality ore body and world class management approaches, [...]

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Blue magpie sings wisely

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The Asian Tigers, the four countries that successfully carried out industrialization with rapid economic growth (more than seven percent annually from 1960 to 1990), have continued to improve their competitiveness since the dawn of the 21st century, and have already secured their place in the global market. Two of the famous four, Hong Kong and [...]

March 9th, 2015 | Posted in Opinion | Read More »

Ch.Saikhanbileg’s veiled government

Hural Hartsaga (6)

By B.KHASH-ERDENE The press were shooed out of an American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (AmCham) gathering attended by Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg on Thursday. Journalists were told that the Prime Minister would allow an open question and answer session at the meeting, but abruptly after the introduction, the press gathered at the Tuushin Hotel for [...]

March 8th, 2015 | Posted in Opinion,Онцлох мэдээлэл | Read More »

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