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Smell the flowers


By M.OYUNGEREL The annual group exhibition “Flowers” has opened at Blue Moon Art Gallery, marking the arrival of spring. Blue Moon Art Gallery has been organizing the “Flowers” exhibition since 2013. This year, work by well known artists such as Ch.Dorjderem, B.Munkhzul, O.Zolbootuguldur, N.Orsoo, B.Baasansuren, and many others are being presented. Queen Spa is a [...]

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‘Bronze Deer’ identifies trends in leather art


By B.TUNGALAG “Bronze Deer”, a leather artwork exhibition by students of Union of Mongolian Artists prize winner R.Ariunbold, launched at the exhibition hall of the Union of Mongolian Artists on February 27. The exhibition features work by over 20 artists who work with leather, and who graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the [...]

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‘Color in Silence’


By M.OYUNGEREL “Color in Silence”, a joint exhibition by 11 hearing impaired artists, opened at Best Art Gallery on February 25 and is on view until March 1. The Mongolian Arts Council and Union of Deaf Mongolian Artists worked together to organize the exhibition with support from the Canadian Embassy in Mongolia. The exhibition aims [...]

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By M.OYUNGEREL Fashion designer B. Dulguun asks the question, “Can clothes reveal an identity, or transmit feelings and information when they’re not being worn?” in her solo exhibition “Shell”, which is open through March 4 at 976 Art Gallery. B.Dulguun received the Grand Prix award for Grand Art 5, a competition held in 2013 between [...]

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Characters in the shadows


By M.OYUNGEREL E.Sunderiya’s first solo endeavor, “Secret of Shadows”, portrays feelings, dreams, memories, and the inner worlds of women through shadowy figures. The exhibition is on view at Blue Moon Art Gallery through February 23. E.Sunderiya graduated from the School of Fine Arts at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture in 2012. The [...]

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‘Snuff Bottles and Their Pouches’

Huurug daalin uzesgelen hartsaga --- (19)

By M.OYUNGEREL “Khuurug Daalin” (Snuff Bottles and Their Pouches) is on view at the National Museum of Mongolia until March 6. A total of 86 snuff bottles and 16 snuff bottle pouches from the museum’s archive are being presented as part of the Tsagaan Sar-themed exhibition. The Manchurians introduced snuff and the snuff bottle to [...]

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Travel through Mongolia of two centuries ago


By M.OYUNGEREL “Mongolia and Its People”, a documentary photography exhibition depicting the lifestyle of Mongolians between1870 and 1910, is on view at Gamma Art Gallery located on the second floor of Hunnu Mall until February 21. The photographs are copies of photographs that are archived at the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography [...]

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Paints that color Mongolia


By M.OYUNGEREL Artist B.Munkh’s “Bogts of Paint” gathers up visual elements of the Mongolian lifestyle, like the bogts (drawstring bags) used by herders to carry their essentials across the steppe. The exhibition is open through February 7 at the Union of Mongolian Artists’ Art Gallery. B.Munkh graduated from the School of Fine Arts at the [...]

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J.Gonchigsuren: The Year of the Monkey will be a harsh year for children and the elderly


Trans. by B.DAVAASUREN The following is an interview with Khambo lama of Tuvdenpeljeelin Monastery and astrologer J.Gonchigsuren about how the Year of the Monkey will turn out for Mongolians. Last year was the Year of the Galzuuruulagch (maddening) Wooden Sheep. This coming lunar year is the Year of the Muu-nuurt (evil-faced) Monkey. What does “muu-nuurt” [...]

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Support Ya.Oyunchimeg in her fight against cancer


By M.OYUNGEREL A fundraising exhibition for Ya.Oyunchimeg, who was diagnosed with cancer last year, is on view at Marshall Art Gallery, located in King Tower-116 in Marshall Town, until February 10. Ya.Oyunchimeg graduated from the Institute of Arts, Sculpture and Architecture at the Ilya Repin St.Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts in 1977. She [...]

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