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Travel through the heart of Mongolia

Toonot country, Binder soum by j.munkhjargal

By M.OYUNGEREL “Khentii- The Heart of Mongolia”, a group photography exhibition, is on view at Blue Moon Art Gallery until November 30. The exhibition consists of photographs taken in various regions of Khentii Province by 11 photographers. The aim of the exhibition is to promote tourism in Khentii Province. The name refers to Khentii Province [...]

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A Mongolian view of the universe

Green Tara by G.Enkhtur

By M.OYUNGEREL The “Universe” exhibition by School of Fine Arts alumni from 1984 to 1990 is being presented at the Union of Mongolian Artists’ Art Gallery until November 29. The exhibition consists of over 40 artworks by approximately 20 artists, with a mix of sculptures and paintings. Three artists stood out among their peers, sculptor [...]

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X-Tuts brings laughter with ‘Best of the Best’ performances

Mongolia’s leading comedy group, X-Tuts Production, is staging its best performances in its latest “Best of the Best” show for 35 days, prior its 20th anniversary. Since 1996, X-Tuts has brought laughter and joy to         Mongolians through their television shows, stage performances, and notable comedy miniseries “Sergeesh” (Dope). During its 20-year [...]

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MIT to conduct pilot program in Mongolia


By E.OYUNDARI Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced on November 20 their plans to launch a pilot program in Mongolia that will include initiatives in faculty development, urban planning, and entrepreneurship. MIT President L. Rafael Reif and the Mongolian Minister for Education, Culture, and Science L.Gantumur signed an agreement on the pilot program Wednesday morning [...]

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‘Feeling Chain’


By M.OYUNGEREL “Feeling Chain”, a group exhibition at Blue Moon Art Gallery,was held for three days in honor of the 80th anniversary of the development of photography in Mongolia. The exhibition, which closed on November 19, consisted of photographs by B.Bayar, G.Gan-Ulzii, E.Ganbayar, R.Tsogbayar, D.Oktyabri, J.Chinbat, Kh.Tushig, B.Temuulen, N.Enkhbat, B.Erdenebulgan, and A.Tumenjargal. The exhibition took [...]

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  By M.OYUNGEREL “It’s called ‘Seeker’. Every one of us is searching for something, usually something good,” said O.Urjinkhand, the artist whose solo exhibition opened at 976 Art Gallery on November 12. The name of the exhibition is highlighted by the roads in her paintings and a road in the exhibition hall. The artist created [...]

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Ulsiin Arslan P.Burentugs wins wrestling tournament on Chinggis’s birthday

12233082_1013510355337828_8428205_n (1)

By B.TUNGALAG On the occasion of the 853rd anniversary of Chinggis Khaan’s birth, or Mongolian Pride Day, a traditional wrestling tournament took place at the Wrestling Palace on November 12. A total of 128 national wrestlers competed in the tournament. Ulsiin Arslan (State Lion) P.Burentugs won the event, followed by Ulsiin Nachin (State Falcon) L.Tserentogtokh. [...]

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A full view

Wind four by Z.Tumenjargal

By M.OYUNGEREL The group exhibition “360” is on view at Blue Moon Art Gallery until November 15. Blue Moon received work from various artists and presented them in the exhibition. The best work was voted on by the contributing artists, and “Wind Four” by artist Z.Tumenjargal was selected. The exhibition is like a well-made salad. [...]

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Journey through Japanese and Mongolian minds

Summer by Ts.Olzbaatar

By M.OYUNGEREL A Japanese-Mongolian joint exhibition is on view at the Union of Mongolian Artists (UMA) Art Gallery through September 11. This is the second time in the past decade that Japan’s Kanagawa State Artists’ Union has collaborated with UMA to present a joint-exhibition. Over 110 paintings by Mongolian and Japanese artists are being presented. [...]

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The best of Adiyabazar’s studies


By M.OYUNGEREL Artist N.Adiyabazar’s best studies are on view at Best Art Gallery. N.Adiyabazar is a UMA honored artist and the father of artist A.Chadraabal. He is a very well-known painter who could be described as one of the key figures in Mongolian art of the 1970s to 1980s. The artist’s work focuses on random [...]

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