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Dreaming in color


By B.NARANTUYA Member artist of Blue Moon Art Gallery, E.Gansukh, is presenting his solo exhibition “Undreamed Dream”, on display through November 27. All of his paintings capture nature and horses. He has been researching the traditions of Mongols, especially the culture of horses, for ten years. His research has been combined with his minimalist style [...]

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Germany through the eyes of Mongolian artists


By B.Narantuya 976 Art Gallery is hosting “germandiaries” a joint exhibition, from November 17 to December 7. The exhibition features over 30 paintings presenting the real and imagined landscapes of Germany. The exhibition is supported and sponsored by Goethe Institute in Mongolia and dedicated to the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Germany. [...]

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Godo captures the fundamental duality of the human experience


By Emma Ellis In her current 976 Art Gallery show, “The Legend of the Swallow,” artist D.Bayartsetseg (known as Godo) employs the basic unit of art making – the line, the creation of positive and negative space – to pose fundamental questions about our perceptions. Godo’s pieces in “The Legend of the Swallow” are quite [...]

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‘City Views of the World’ takes you on tour


By B.Narantuya Blue Moon Art Gallery is hosting “City Views of the World” from November 3 to 13, an exhibition featuring Mongolian impressions of cities around the world. Simple and beautiful views from Ulaanbaatar, Tokyo, Beijing, Seattle, Istanbul, Munich, Venice, Paris, Dubai, Ufa, Washington, D.C., and Berlin are now on display at the gallery. Dedicated [...]

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‘Incheon-2014’ photo exhibition


By B.Narantuya The “Incheon-2014” photo exhibition, sharing images from this year’s Asian Games, is being presented from October 27 to October 30, at Blue Moon Art Gallery. A group of 22 journalists from the Mongolian Journalists Association documented the Asian Games for the first time. Official photographers Ch.Ganbat, E.Magnaibayar, B.Munkhzul and E.Hartsaga captured the highlights [...]

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‘City View’ through the eyes of S.Munkhbaatar


By B.Narantuya “City View” is the first solo exhibition by S.Munkhbaatar, featuring 55 artworks of city views and portraits. The exhibition is on view through October 25, at Best Art Gallery. Artist S.Munkhbaatar was born in 1984, in Uliastai, Zavkhan aimag. He earned his bachelor’s degree in fine arts instruction at the School of Fine [...]

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‘Ungoverned Governance’ political art solo exhibition


By B.Narantuya The opening of the “Ungoverned Governance”, U.Narbayasgalan’s first solo exhibition, took place at Red Ger Art Gallery on October 20, showcasing work with a political theme. He graduated from the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture in 2004, majoring in fine arts. He has been working as a professional artist since 2009, and [...]

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Seniors celebrated at Mongolian National Art Gallery

Breezy Autumn of Taiga

By B.NARANTUYA Celebrating the International Day of Older Persons, the Mongolian National Art Gallery and Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism organized an exhibition featuring over 60 creations by 50 artists on view through October 5. In 1990, the United Nations General Assembly designated October 1 the International Day of Older Persons. In 1992, the [...]

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Zero Gravity


By B.TUNGALAG Young artist G.Gerelkhuu is sharing his second solo exhibition, “Zero Gravity” at 976 Art Gallery, from September 11 to 21. His exhibition displays seven huge pieces created using traditional painting methods. Tradition and modernity, and the conflict between the two, are depicted in G.Gerelkhuu’s work. His paintings narrate highly developed techniques created by [...]

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‘History of Europe’ narrated at Red Ger Gallery


By D.SERGELEN Today we will travel through another brand new exhibition at Red Ger Art Gallery. “History of Europe” by Czech artist and graphic designer Renata Puchikova will be on view to gratify art lovers through September 27. The exhibition features 20 select drawings from the book “History of Europe” and was organized as part [...]

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