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A photographic journey to Sochi 2014


By B.TUNGALAG Member of the Board of the Mongolian Sports Journalists’ Federation, vice president of the Mongolian Judo Federation and photographer Ch.Ganbat is showcasing his photography exhibition, entitled “Sochi 2014”, at Blue Moon Art Gallery from April 23 to 27. Ch.Ganbat worked as a photographer at Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games and took photographs of [...]

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Artist brings the homeless to 976 Gallery with “Existent and Nonexistent”


By B.TUNGALAG Artist E.Lkhagvadorj unveiled his second solo exhibition “Existent & Nonexistent” at 976 Art Gallery on April 21. Member of Global Artist Pension Trust and recipient of the Grand Prix from the Tiger Translate International Competition, young emerging talent, E.Lkhagvadorj was born in 1987 in Ulaanbaatar city. In 2002, he began studying at Rajiv [...]

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Contemporary Art of Mongolia 2

Absurd Room: Journey through the world of S.Anudar

You see the absurd room, which exposes moments from the life of writer and philosopher S.Anudar, who ended his own life in his early 20s. The room contains artwork depicting moments of his life and the journey to his death, a metal bed, music and books he liked, and an ashtray, papers and cups.

By B.TUNGALAG Contemporary Art of Mongolia 2 opened to the public at 976 Art Gallery on April 1, with a special reception for the artists organized on April 4. The exhibition is dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of 976 Art Gallery. Contemporary artists M.Batzorig, G.Munkhbolor, Bu.Badral, Godo (D.Bayartsetseg), S.Ganzug, D.Uurintuya, BNandin-Erdene, E.Enkhzaya, G.Gerelhuu, and B.Enkhchuluun [...]

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‘Heritage of Horse Warriors of the Steppe’ exhibition opens


By B.TUNGALAG The 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the Federal Republic of Germany are being organized through a series of events. One of the events is the “Heritage of Horse Warriors of the Steppe” exhibition, which was unveiled at the National Museum of Mongolia on April 8, and continues [...]

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Father and Son exhibition

Hello, My Son by U.Odkhuu

By B.TUNGALAG Sculptor A.Ulziibatar and his son U.Odkhuu unveiled their joint exhibition “Father and Son” at the Union of Mongolian Artists, on view from March 28 to April 7. Primitive and hyper-realistic artwork is displayed in the exhibition. Wooden and bronze sculptures by A.Ulziibaatar are included, and his son has shared sculptures created with various [...]

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Art created with recycled materials: ‘Less Rubbish, More Process’


By B.TUNGALAG Red Ger Art Gallery is hosting a mixed-media art exhibition displaying art pieces made of rubbish and recycled materials, from March 19 to April 2. Supported by Rio Tinto LLC, the exhibition, “Less Rubbish, More Process” was initiated by the Mongolian Art Council. Contemporary installation work, photography and video were created by seven [...]

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A.Tumenjargal: I felt the Holy Land in Tibet


By B.TUNGALAG Photographer A.Tumenjargal opened his exhibition “Tibet-Through to the Holy Land” about the nature and people of Tibet, at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery from March 14 to 16. A.Tumenjargal focuses on three themes: nature, portrait and city. This time he displayed the best of his travel photos. “Tibet- Through to the Holy [...]

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Sky Horizon exhibition


By B.TUNGALAG Mongolian State Cultural Merit Artist, Union of Mongolian Artists prizewinner and sculptor A.Ochirbold unveiled his solo exhibition titled “Sky Horizon” at Blue Moon Art Gallery, on view from March 11 to 20. Sculptor A.Ochirbold had a piece named best sculpture in a painting and sculpture exhibition at the Blue Moon Art Gallery in [...]

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The ‘Perfect Qualities’ of Mongolia’s women


By B.TUNGALAG An exhibition named “Perfect Qualities” opened at 976 Art Gallery on March 3. Dedicated to International Women’s Day, the exhibition features artwork by State Honored Artist Ts.Tsegmed and Union of Mongolian Artists prizewinner B.Bayart-Od. Showing the everyday life of nomadic women, most of the artwork captures the beauty and inner power of Mongolian [...]

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8th Golden Brush exhibit opens


By B.TUNGALAG The annual Golden Brush exhibition opened on February 26, at the art gallery of Union of Mongolian Artists, dedicated to their Young Artists Association. The show has become one of the most highly anticipated events for young artists over the last 40 years. During the exhibition, a quick drawing competition will be held [...]

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