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Shingetsu Shikandai brings his work to Mongolia


Trans. by D.SERGELEN Japanese artist Shingetsu Shikandai is exhibiting his artwork at Best Art Gallery from August 25 to 31, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of cultural relations between Mongolia and Japan. He began his career as an artist in 1998 and opened his own gallery in Japan. Over 20 artworks depicting nature [...]

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‘The Wind of Steppe’


Trans. by D.SERGELEN D.Batnasan opened his eighth solo exhibition, “The Wind of Steppe” on August 23, at Blue Moon Art Gallery. The exhibition features more than 50 nature studies, scenes from daily life and urban themes. There are few watercolor painters noted in the history of fine arts. D.Batnasan recognizes the importance and uniqueness of [...]

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S.Enkh-Amgalan: It would be tragic to buy Mongolian paintings from foreigners in the future.

The studio of painter S.Enkh-Amgalan is different from other painter’s studios.  It  has a sofa, stove, bed, LCD television, a big collection of albums, and amplifiers of different sizes. “A studio is the palace of a painter. We spend special moments of our lives in the studio,” commented S.Enkh-Amgalan. Unuudur interviewed the artist, who recently [...]

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Ts.Gan-Erdene captures Mongolian moments in ‘Closer to the Sun’

Artist of 976 Art Gallery Ts.Gan-Erdene, a member of the Union of Mongolian Artists, opened his first solo exhibition in Mongolia “Closer to the Sun” at 976 Art Gallery. The exhibition is on view through September 4. After graduating from the University for Culture and Arts of Mongolia in 2001, Ts.Gan-Erdene was accepted to the [...]

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Oyu Tolgoi LLC signed a power sector cooperation agreement (PSCA) with the government for energy supply in the southern region of the country last week. The agreement lays out a framework for long-term strategic cooperation between the Mongolian government and Oyu Tolgoi to deliver a comprehensive energy plan for the South Gobi region. The main [...]

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’108 Faces of Mongolia’ shares a rare history

 The “108 Faces of Mongolia” exhibition opened at Zanabazar Fine Art Museum on August 13 and is on view through the end of this month. The exhibition features selections from the private photo archive of Czechoslovakian archaeologist Lumir Jisl, and is supported by the History Institute of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the Czech [...]

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First Korean-Mongolian Economic Forum takes place

The first Mongolia-Korea Economic Forum was organized by the Mongolia-Korea Economic Forum NGO, and the Mongolian side called for creating a stable legal environment for expanding economic ties between the nations. The organizers believe that there is a need to combine Mongolian natural resources with Korean technology, finance and human resources and create cooperation for [...]

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‘Steed of the Sky’ tethered at Blue Moon Art Gallery

enkamgalan han hurmastiin huleg 120x170

Member Artist of Blue Moon Art Gallery, Union of Mongolian Artists prize winner and renowned painter S.Enkh-Amgalan’s sixth solo exhibition, Khan Khurmastiin Khuleg (Steed of the Sky) opened at Blue Moon Art Gallery on Wednesday. The artist presents 50 of his best paintings from the last five years in this exhibition. Paying tribute to the [...]

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Emerging talents fly solo at 976 Art Gallery

Nomad by B.Baatarzorig

Trans. by L.NANDINTSETSEG Mongolia’s leading contemporary art hub, 976 Art Gallery, moved to Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel, and opened with solo shows from emerging talents B.Nomin and B.Baatarzorig. The exhibitions are on view through August 14. Ersdel Daguulsan Togloom (Naughty Game) Solo show by B.Nomin Nomin was trained in traditional painting methods at the [...]

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‘Yalguun-I’ is a sneak peek into women’s secret worlds


Trans.by G.UCHRAL Women share their secret worlds in the “Yalguun-I” art exhibition. The exhibition, featuring work by female artists trying to promote the role of women’s art in the Mongolian art world, opened at Glamour Art Gallery on Thursday, July 24. Thirty-six female artists are displaying paintings, portraits, Mongolian traditional arts, and technical arts. Common [...]

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