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Palestinian reconciliation: Positive, but security cooperation with Israel has costs

The Mark News By Steve Hibbard The Palestinian government that was sworn in on June 2, subsequent to the Fatah–Hamas unity agreement that was signed in April, represents a significant victory for President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (PA). Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s Hamas government was disbanded, and the writ of the Palestinian Authority [...]

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Beryl Richards Director 2013

The Mark News By Beryl Richards Since 2012, I’ve been looking at why there seem to be fewer and fewer women directing TV drama and film in the United Kingdom. I’ve been a freelance TV drama and comedy director for many years, and I’m currently vice chair of Directors UK, the main professional body for [...]

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wyne ali

By: Ali Wyne Shortly before U.S. President Barack Obama left for Europe this week, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes warned that the crisis in Ukraine is not over: “There are people dying on a regular basis in eastern and southern Ukraine, given the violence perpetrated and initiated by separatist factions there. So by no [...]

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How big will Russia’s political footprint be in Europe?

The Mark News – Russian influence in Europe after the far right’s success in the European elections of 2014 – By Peter Kreko, director, Political Capital Institute On May 25, the same day that most of the European Union member states voted for the European Parliament, presidential elections took place in Ukraine. In both elections, [...]

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The End of Poverty?


The Mark News By Thomas Pogge As United Nations officials struggle to define the development priorities of the next 15 years, the UN Millennium Campaign, the World Bank, and many other organs of the development industry tell us that we are nearing the end of poverty. Yet, well over half of human beings are still [...]

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America’s Grim Legacy in Iraq


THE MARK NEWS By John Tirman The Iraq War is now 11 years old and still tearing up the country, but no longer with the assistance of U.S. troops. Between 500,000 and 700,000 people died from 2003–2011. The monthly civilian toll now is as high as it’s been since 2008. It’s a riven country, at [...]

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The Philippines’ Gambit in the South China Sea

The Mark News By Jay L. Batongbacal Tensions between China and the Philippines spiked in March when a small civilian boat was confronted by a Chinese Coast Guard vessel about 100 miles from the Philippine coast. The boat was trying to bring soldiers, food, and water to a grounded Philippine Navy ship on Second Thomas [...]

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Manila’s Partial Case

By Shen Dingli The Mark News Professor and Associate Dean Institute of International Studies Fudan University April 5, 2014 China is now facing challenges to its maritime claims. The Philippines has just filed a lawsuit to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea against China over a dispute concerning its fishing rights in [...]

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VII Ministerial Conference of CD concluded successfully

Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies underwent in Ulaanbaatar

By E.DARI The closing ceremony of the VII Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies that was conducted for three days in Ulaanbaatar was held at the Great Hall of the Government Palaceon Monday. The ceremony was chaired by the Foreign Affairs Minister of Mongolia and member of the Parliament, L.Bold. Over the three days of [...]

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How to Mine an Asteroid

The market

Chris Lewicki is the president and chief engineer of Planetary Resources, an asteroid mining company. He was flight director for the rovers Spirit and Opportunity, and the surface mission manager for Phoenix Mars Lander. The recipient of two NASA Exceptional Achievement Medals, Chris has an asteroid named in his honor (13609 Lewicki). -How is it [...]

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