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Cabinet decides to cut number of government jobs by 15 percent


By Ch.KHALIUN On Monday, the Cabinet held a meeting and decided to reduce the number of governmental positions by 15 percent. On Sunday, the Parliament released Resolution No.70 calling for cuts to the state budget through a decrease in the number of public administrative organizations and their employees. The Cabinet decided to downsize positions from [...]

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New Minister of Finance submits draft amendments to 2015 state budget

Minister J.Erdenebat hands 2015 budget draft to Deputy Speaker of Parliament R.Gonchigdorj

By Ch.KHALIUN On December 11, MP and Minister of Finance J.Erdenbat submitted draft amendments to the law on the 2015 state budget, the law on the 2015 budget for the social insurance fund, and the law on 2015 human development fund to Deputy Chairman of Parliament R.Gonchigdorj. The draft was revised based on provision 34.1.4 [...]

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All ministers of the coalition government appointed


By Ch.KHALIUN At the plenary meeting of the parliamentary session, which lasted until 12:50 a.m. on Wednesday, new ministers of the “Cabinet for Solutions” were appointed. Eight ministers were elected before 7:00 p.m. The nominees were confident about their appointments and almost all of the ministers were elected with more than 90 percent approval. The [...]

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MPP unhappy with the PM’s proposal on government structure

MPP voices objection to proposals on government structure

By Ch.KHALIUN Working groups of the political parties with seats in Parliament have been discussing the government’s structure, but are failing to reach a consensus because of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) rejection of the Prime Minister’s proposals. The Prime Minister stated that Democratic Party (DP) members will hold the positions of Prime Minister, Head [...]

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PM meets entrepreneurs to introduce new cabinet’s priorities


By Ch.KHALIUN Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg met with entrepreneurs to hear their opinions, in accordance with the new cabinet’s main goal to stabilize the national economy to overcome economic difficulties and support the private sector. The PM emphasized that the new cabinet will implement pragmatic policy to support businesses. He assured that the cabinet’s work will [...]

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DP and MPP working groups hold a consultation

MP M.Batchimeg chairs DP working group in the consultation

By Ch.KHALIUN The working groups of the Democratic Party (DP) and the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) held their first consultation regarding Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg’s request to form a coalition government, on Wednesday at the State Palace. The sides believe that the major political forces in Parliament should cooperate to overcome the economic and political crisis. [...]

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Prime Minister sends requests to parties to form a coalition government

gol medee

By Ch.KHALIUN On Monday, Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg sent a request letter to each political party with seats in Parliament to form a coalition government. The letter cites that in order to bring about a quick economic recovery, Prime Minister Saikhanbileg pledges to take immediate steps and renew electoral rules at all levels by amending the [...]

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Who supports Ch.Saikhanbileg’s nomination for PM?


By Ch.KHALIUN On Sunday, the Democratic Party (DP) National Consultative Committee met to discuss the nominee for the next prime minister, Ch.Saikhanbileg. A total of 19 members supported Saikhanbileg, while ten opposed his nomination. Below is detailed information about how the MPs voted by party faction. Votes in support of the nomination: Shonkhor: Z.Enkhbold, D.Gankhuyag, [...]

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Parliament approves state budget for 2015


By Ch.KHALIUN The plenary session of the Parliament on Friday held a third and fourth discussion of the state budget for 2015, approving the draft. The budget income is approved to be 4.8 trillion MNT, while the budget’s expenditure will be 5.6 trillion MNT. The amount of financial investments for projects, events and construction is [...]

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Parliament suggests cutting positions in budgetary organizations


By Ch.KHALIUN Aiming to decrease the current expenditure of the state budget, the Parliament suggested reducing the numbers of positions in parliamentary standing committees and budgetary organizations at all levels. According to the proposal, governors of provinces and districts would have the right to only one advisor, while UB’s governor may have two advisors, and [...]

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