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Women want more participation in civic decision-making


By E.OYUNDARI A national conference entitled “Development and Participation of Women”, held on Saturday, touched upon issues of women’s civic participation at the decision making level. As a result, demand has risen to make slight modifications to the law on political parties and law on parliamentary elections, such as to set the quota of female [...]

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Office of the President renews the fight against domestic violence and corruption

Human rights and legal policy advisor to teh President of Mongolia Ch.Unurbayar submits Speaker Z.Enkhbold draft laws

By E.OYUNDARI Human Rights and Legal Policy Advisor to the President of Mongolia Ch.Unurbayar submitted to Speaker of Parliament Z.Enkhbold the draft of a national policy to strengthen accountability and justice to combat corruption and a draft law on domestic violence. The 2012-2016 action plan of the government includes directives to make strict reforms to [...]

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President answers questions from parliamentary members

President delivers report to Parliament and anwers to questions of parliamentary members

By E.OYUNDARI In the evening meeting of the Parliamentary session on April 10, President Ts.Elbegdorj reported on projects that he has completed since taking office, work that he intends to do, and he answered questions from members of parliament. The President said, “The projects I’ve completed do not only belong to me, they are the [...]

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Traffic safety law under review

Cars parked in the first line will be regulated

By E.OYUNDARI The plenary session meeting of Parliament held yesterday discussed laws on traffic safety and related draft bills. A draft law on traffic safety was developed and submitted by MP G.Batkhuu and eight others. The bill proposes taking away driving rights for two years for first-time drunk driving offenses and a fine of double [...]

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Low cost rentals planned for citizens with low and medium income

Rental housing program to be implemented for families with low and medium income

By E.OYUNDARI The Cabinet reached a decision on Monday to construct rental apartments for 1,300 families unable to buy apartments under the Ipotek housing loan. The Prime Minister assigned Minister of Construction and Urban Development D.Tsogtbaatar with organizing the construction of apartments and asked Finance Minister J.Erdenebat to designate the required capital in the 2016, [...]

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Public school teachers ask for better working conditions and state support

Public school and kindergarten staff of Cingeltei district states they need better working condition and improved state support

By E.OYUNDARI Members of Parliament in a working group established to improve education held discussions about better state support and working conditions for teachers, administrators, and staff of Chingeltei District schools and kindergartens on Saturday. Beginning the meeting, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Petitions MP O.Baasankhuu noted that the meeting was being held to [...]

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South Korean foreign affairs delegation visits Mongolia

Parliamnetary delegation of Korea are visiting halls of the parliamentary session, standing committees, and the Government Palace's media chamber

The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea Cho Tae-yul is paying a visit to Mongolia. On Thursday, the visiting delegation were familiarized with the halls of the parliamentary session and standing committees, and the Government Palace’s media chamber, fully equipped with digital technology through the “e-Parliament” project supported by South Korea. [...]

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Ch.Saikhanbileg: Management not politics should navigate universities and hospitals

Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg says politics should not be involved in the appointment of heads of public hospitals and universities.

By E.OYUNDARI Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg met with Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences L.Gantumur and Minister of Sports and Health G.Shiilegdamba in the weekly governmental meeting “Hours of Resolution”, held on Wednesday, to give them directions in their sectors. “There is a morbid phenomenon that ministers, appointed as a result of political elections, change the [...]

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Open discussions held on draft law combating domestic violence

Open discussions  draft law combating domestic violence held at the Civil Hall

By E.OYUNDARI The Civil Hall of the Office of the President held an open discussion on Monday on the draft law to combat domestic violence, attended by representatives of the justice system, organizations working on human rights and domestic violence issues, as well as members of women’s NGOs to share their views. President of Mongolia [...]

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Prime Minister calls on regulatory and enforcement organizations to act with consistency

Prime Minister requests regulatory agencies and organisations to work for better consistency

By E.OYUNDARI Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg called on regulatory agencies and organizations to work towards better consistency in their operations, pointing out problematic issues in his weekly address last Wednesday. “The world should be open to a Mongolian person and Mongolia should be open to the world’s people. There are many incidents of anyone who is [...]

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